Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sleep Deprived

Blogging has cut into my shopping time. is really taking a hit!

That's what I did in my pre-blog life. I'd watch Dave Letterman until the Top 10, then I'd take my ambien (I'm an insomniac) and sit down at the computer while I waited for it to kick in. I'd visit Nordstrom, Sephora, Zappo's, Red Envelope, and then head over to Amazon, where I'd start reading book reviews. That would lead me to the reader's comments, and eventually I'd have a little wish list compiled and I'd start whittling it down, before I'd decide to check out the children's books. I have spent hours and hours reading about children's books, searching for titles with my grandkids names in them, and then researching the authors and the artists. Around 1:am I'd realize my fingers weren't flying over the keyboard any more and maybe it was time to try going to sleep. Often the next morning I'd get an unexpected email telling me that my order was on it's way. It's scary to find out you shop in your sleep!

Now I write in my sleep. I'm sure you can sometimes tell. When I studied German, the sign that I was finally getting it was when I dreamed in German. I remember when I learned to type, I typed my thoughts with my toes as I was falling asleep. (I've heard other people say this, too.) Lately I click on things when I dream! Is this normal?

The other night I dreamed we still lived in our house and a whole bunch of people we didn't know were gathered in our circle. They had sleeping bags and blankets, and we invited them inside. Our house (in the dream) was huge and we had lots of bedrooms. Everyone spread out and I commented to Dee that it was great that we could sleep 30 people. When I went to our room there were some girls unpacking there, so I started searching the house for someplace I could sleep. I realized I was walking through these crowds of people naked! I tried to cover up, but nobody was really paying attention, so I just kept going. When I woke up I realized this dream had a meaning. I'm walking through a group of strangers totally exposed when I blog. I must be an exhibitionist deep down. (Too bad I'm not 30 years younger and in better shape.)

Maybe blogging is just shopping for friends. But if dreams come true, I better head over to Nordstrom...I don't have a thing to wear! (It's 1:30 and the ambien is starting to work.)


Polly said...

Have you been following the news? People taking Ambien before driving, shopping, eating and all sorts of other activitites that they don't remember. Nick told me yesterday that about 4 years ago he would drive to all night diners and eat and not remember it, or he would find himself asleep outside in our garden... words to the wise..don't go anywhere but to bed after Ambien, but Marty you can still email us stuff after yours, because it is very entertaining.

MissKris said...

You're even clicking in your dreams?! Hmmmmmm. I haven't ever dreamed about my computer once in all the years I've had one, ha! I love to shop online, too. I did a lot of Christmas shopping on the internet this year since I began taking care of my grandson full time. It took away SO much stress of holiday shopping!! I may do all of it online from now on!