Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Little Miracles

The only thing kids wear out faster than shoes are grandparents!

It's a miracle we all survived. I was in charge of Sam and Luke this afternoon. In one hour we had dinner, spilled the milk, jumped on the tramp, dug in the dirt, unwound the hose, rewound the hose, cried, had a snack, spilled the yogurt, had a bath, dumped water all over the bathroom floor, cleaned it up, lost 2 blankies, stuck a finger in the socket, cried, raced up and down 2 flights of stairs searching for blankies, watched Wonder Pets and made beds on the window sill.
I am in awe of mothers! I can't believe I ever did this on a full-time basis!
My guest bloggers today:

My name is Jake. I am 8. I like lions. I have a lion named Simba. My best
friend is Garrett. I collect rocks and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. My secret identity
is Karate.

My name is Emmie. I am 6 years old and I am happy. I went to the Snowball dance
at school with my dad. He gave me a corsage. My best friend is Catherine.

Sam and Luke are free. They like twains. They are miracle babies! Actually all the kids in this family are miracles. Their parents were told they'd never have kids! Be careful what you pray for.


mama jo said...

couldn't you think of anything else to do with the boys? you're slacking...they are miracles...enjoy all your days with them

Christie said...

Oh, we are so jealous! We love hanging with Jake, Em, and the Twinks. Wish we were there!

kelly said...

sounds like lots and lots of fun... no injuries though? It always seems like my kids are the most clumsy when the grand parent are around. At least that's when we have the biggest injuries.

Polly said...

I loved reading about my life..through is the story of all mothers. Your guest bloggers are very cute and fun to see. I hope I hear from them again