Saturday, March 10, 2007

Can I vote for FDR?

My Grama L. wrote this in a little diary she gave me:
One evening Grampa B. was giving Marty a history lesson. He told her about the greatness of Lincoln and Washington and others, and then asked her, "Who is your famous character?" He surely expected her to mention one of these characters he had talked about but she said, "Truman is my famous character." Well that closed the history lesson. Mr. B. is a staunch Republican and here his 5-year-old granddaughter tells him Truman is her man. Guess she has a little of me in her, even though I haven't ever taught her my philosophy. Just plain smart girl I call it!"
I remember telling my dad when I was 11 that I was voting for JFK because he was cuter than Nixon. He just laughed and said I'd learn. That's when I became a Democrat.

After that I was a political junkie, and in 1968 I remember crying as I watched Walter Cronkite at the Democatic Convention. I figured the end was near. Of course it was. My first presidential vote was for McGovern. (I'm very proud of that one.) I still like Jimmy Carter. And, in spite of it all, I liked Bill most of the time.

I'm having a tough time this year, though. I'm waffling. On different issues I like a variety of candidates. I'm a Demo, but I like Mitt Romney. I also like John McCain, but I think he's past his prime. And, much to Dee's disappointment, I don't like Hillary. I'm impressed with Oback and I even like Guiliani in a sentimental "9/11" kind of way. I liked him before for cleaning up NYC. It doesn't make any sense and I know I will take some flack on this. I'll settle down once I've heard more. After all, I'm a pretty smart girl.


MissKris said...

After the blah blah blah non-stop rhetoric of the LAST Presidential election year, I don't care if I ever watch TV again. Seriously. At least anything more mentally stimulating than "The Doddlebops" and "Sesame Street" with my little grandson, ha! Once upon a time I used to be interested in politics to a degree but I've become way, way too cynical. Sick of the lies, sick of the hypocrisy. It's not a good way to be, granted. But it's the only way I can function thru election years any more. Whatever will be will be...and I won't voice my opinion one way or the other. I don't have any right to, if I don't care to vote. And I don't. Sad but true.

mama jo said...

sometimes its just who is the best of the worst that you have to vote for....was grandma l a demo?