Monday, March 5, 2007

Meme Anyone?

Meme: An idea, project, statement or questions posted by one blog, responded to by other blogs.

I may be the last one in the Blogosphere to find out that the whole "cut-and-paste, write-in-your-own-answers" activity has a real name! I don't really know how to use the word, though. Am I "meme-ing?" Is this a "meme?" Shall we "meme?" And since I've only seen it in print, I don't know how to pronounce it. "Meee-meee?" "MEM-ee?" "mem-EEE?" Anyway, I'm doing one. Blog or email your comments on these five topics. Movies, Books, TV, Magazines and Music. (No cutting or pasting necessary.)

Movies: The other night we went to Breach, (which was really good.) It was our first movie in a theater since Christmas. We do Netflix, and rent the new releases, old favorites, and anything we can find in the BBC category. We're in the middle of all the Inspector Lynley Mysteries at the moment.

Books: "Is human nature ever so weak as in a bookstore?" I like to buy BOOKS. And I like to BUY books. I like the actual book itself, but I also like to physically pay for it so I know it's mine, and I'll always have access to it. I read book reviews in the NY Times, online, and I even buy books of lists of books. I have one called Read On: Historical Fiction, listing novels by the year they take place, and the location. Another is called Mystery Lovers Guide, and of course the ever-popular Modern Fiction to Read Before You Go to London. (This was published in 1962 and most of the books it suggests are out of print, but I still like reading the titles.) I buy books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Sam Weller's, and I love to search for really neat bookstores when we travel.

TV: We are addicted to any version of Law and Order, Cold Case, Without a Trace, and CSI Miami. We also watch Passport to Europe, Hardball, CNN and Channel Two News. I usually watch the first half of Dave Letterman and What Not to Wear. Dee watches Hunting With Hank, Discovery Channel wild animal shows and anything on the History Channel. Yes, we know what we are.

Magazines: I buy Oprah, InStyle, and More every month. Dee likes magazines with restaurant reviews. Oh, and The Ensign.

Music: I have found in my old age that I can't concentrate on anything else if I'm listening to music. So, although I've transferred all my music onto my computer and iPod, I really just listen to CDs in the car. I've compiled about 50 of my own CDs with Carly Simon, James Taylor, Dixie Chicks, Carole King, Peter Paul and Mary, John Denver, Sarah MacLachlin, and lots of other favorites. I love to drive anywhere and groove to the beat.

So, now it's up to you. Meme me!


Christie said...

I love Meme's...and also just discovered that they have a name. How funny...

Chancy said...

Hi Marty
Thanks for commenting on my blog, www,

I just found your blog and will book mark it and visit again.

I also love buying books, looking at books, browsing in bookstores and reading books. Our neighborhood library has a monthy book sale of donated books(not used library books) some really great buys too and even best sellers sometimes that have been dropped off for the sale.

I get most of my books there because I can buy hard backs for as little as 3 dollars. What a deal.

I have recently been reading mysteries by Michael Connelly. I just finished one of his latest ones "The Lincoln Lawyer". A good one about a lawyer, Michael Haller who doesn't have an office but conducts his business out of a Lincoln towncar with a driver.