Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Do You Think?

"Think over everything you say, and don't say everything you think."

This is fine advice for someone who can think inside their head. My head is like an overstuffed, unorganized scrap-book drawer. Until I dump it all out, I don't know what's in there. Then I sort through, discover random bits and pieces, arrange them in different designs, and finally put it all together.

"Too much information."

You are the victim of my organization attempts. When I dump out my mind and sift through the junk, the dust settles in my blog.

"What I really meant was . . ."

Dee doesn't lay awake regretting the dumb things he said. He didn't say them. He never calls someone frantically after a conversation to try to restate what he meant, because he meant what he said the first time. I often say everything I think before I've had time to think it through, and then think better of it.

A man of few words.

Of course, Dee doesn't say much. Nobody knows him very well. He doesn't tell everyone his life story, and the life stories of everyone he knows, before they've finished lunch. People know me. My friends (and acquaintances) can tell my anecdotes better than I can, and correct me on the details. When I mention a memory, even my in-law kids can complete it in twenty-five words or less. I can't tell it in twenty-five words or less!

"Are you listening to me?"

I wrote a poem called Mama's Minutes that said:

"Mama had a diary she kept beside her bed,
I'd see her write by candlelight,
She said it cleared her head."

Nothing's going to change; I think I'll always clear my head by saying everything I think. It gives me a chance to think it over.

"Just thinking . . ."

Have you ever said too much?
What did you do then?


audrey said...

Oh, goodness! This summarizes just how I operate. The last few days, in particular, have been spent worrying about all the dumb things I said at a recent social event. I rarely actually think before my thoughts come pouring out. Most times, well, no such luck. If you come up with a solution to prevent this, be sure to blog about it so I can learn too!

Alisha Stamper said...

oh gosh. I'm the same way. People KNOW my stories.

i DID, in fact, say too much the other day... and I just apologized. kinda still embarassed that it was that much.

Anonymous said...

yes, I have said too much. Just last night in fact...

The Grandmother Here said...

I would give my kids the same lectures over and over until finally when the occasion called for "Speech #956" that's what I'd say and they knew what I meant.

the Hawks said...


You're fantastic! Thanks for checking us out yesterday. You've got a fan in me, too.


polly said...

great post. call me!

Christie said...

I always say too much and always find myself cringing over it later. But I think I'm like you, it clears my head and helps me sort through and process what happens. Probably will never change.

~Kristina said...

I was often sinking myself into exactly this. So, my plan became to pick one person to brainbustout with. A secret keeper kind, someone who could both sympathize and empathize, someone who knows every existence of me and loves me anyways, who can listen and talk back. Naturally, my sister was that gal!
i still eat crow every now and again...

crissy // mama boss said...

First I think too much, and then, when given the opportunity (or taking it) I say too much. I always say too much. And it only leads to more thinking. ("Why didn't I shut up?" "I didn't need to say all that.." "I must look/sound really obnoxious...")
It honestly makes me nervous to meet new people, because whenever I do I talk their ears off, and then they never talk to me again because I'm weird.
Even Cori says I need to work on not saying so much...

(See...too much...)

Shanel said...

I tend to say wayyy to much when I'm angry but otherwise I stay pretty quiet... once it's out of my mouth I have no control.... I recently saw a quote that said, " only a fool says exactly what's on his mind". I knew that quote was for me....

Diane said...

I have spent much of my life with my foot in my mouth. I am amazed at how many years go by and I still cringe about dumb things I've said. I can't remember what we had for dinner yesterday, but I can remember clearly many awkward/inappropriate things I have said a long time ago.

Now I will look at it as an opportunity to further analyze what I was thinking when the though exploded out of my mouth without any reflection beforehand.

Nana Jo said...

The women in my family (six of us sisters) tend to repeat everything they say twice, a fact one of my brother-in-laws observed one day much to our laughter and chagrin. He's right, though. My three grown kids can finish all my stories. My grandchildren are starting to know them, too. Well, at least I know they won't die with me!

J, K, L, and D said...

to be cheesy & quote anne shirley...i think we're kindred spirits. i always say things to think them out, often to my (or others?) dismay. and the hubby barely says much (except, lately, about all things med school).

i've reconsidered. anne shirley isn't cheesy at all.

brooke said...

I ALWAYS say too much, usually at my husband's work parties. I feel a need to keep the conversation flowing and usually end up making a buffoon out of myself in the process and yes, I do call people all the time to apologize or clarify something I was trying to say.

As for blogging, it helps me get some of my thoughts out of my already crowded head. I just mentioned to my sister tonight that I wish I could really write everything I felt in my blog without fear of offending people. I can't. I still write a lot (and offend some!) but it could be a lot worse!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Found you through
Rhonda's Blog

I always say too much too. I'm still getting over the fact that a couple weeks ago I told my husband's coworker to not "have too much fun" with my husband.

Most people have no idea how sarcastically humorous I am.