Thursday, March 4, 2010



Have you seen any miracles lately? They're all around.

My brave sister Polly has written a post about her experience with prescription drug addiction, drug rehab and what she learned during that time in her life. I'm inspired by her courage and the strength of character it took to turn her circumstances around. During those dark days I was continually reminded of the phrase "when bad things happen to good people." Now I'm continually reminded of how good people overcome bad things.

God first outlined a plan of life, with guidelines that would lead to happiness. Then He gave us agency: the opportunity to make our own choices. With that right, we accepted the fact that there would be consequences, good or bad.

Knowing we'd all make poor choices occasionally, God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to take the full brunt of the consequences for us when are humble enough to ask Him to. (That's a simple explanation of repentance and the atonement.) The miracle is when God allows a bad consequence to become a blessing in our life, increasing our wisdom. Our obligation then is to use that new wisdom to empathize, encourage and forgive others as they go through their challenges.

As I've watched Polly during the past few years, I've seen this miracle take place before my eyes. I'm grateful to know it happens over and over again for me, and my loved ones, and everyone else who has the faith to accept God's help. You'll be touched by Polly's story.


Kay Dennison said...

I believe in miracles, too!!! After all, I am one!!!!

J, K, L, and D said...

I needed this today. (Funny how you often write things that I need...)

My family is experiencing some pain from poor choices from a family member. It gave me a new perspective as I read this, thinking that perhaps there will one day be a light at the the end of this currently dark tunnel.

Thanks to you & your sister for being so brave to share this story.

Diane said...

I am touched by her story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I love the picture of the two of you!

Sheri said...

Marty--I'm so glad your sister got help! I'm looking for my own miracle right now. Thanks for sharing.

mama jo said...

that was great...and i believe in miracles also..

polly said...

thank you for being part of my miracle.

marta said...

i am so glad that she is writing about her experience, what an excellent way to continue therapy and healing from the ordeal. we love aunt pol.