Monday, March 22, 2010

Priceless Mother's Day Present

Ashley (4)

The Cousins Club hung out the other day and baby Benji did his best to impress Ashley. "He's still only one, so he can't talk," she reported. "But he's up on his hind legs now, and he runs everywhere."

Benji, unleashed.

I was in the living room while the little girls played house in the bedroom. "Oma, I have to go to the bathroom," called Chelsea as she whizzed past me in a blur. "Can you put this game on pause?" A second later the door banged open and she shouted, "You can un-pause it now."

Kidspeak is a delightful language.

Original Kidspeak notations.

A bloggy mom (please take credit if you're reading this) posted a clever idea a few years ago. She keeps a note pad and pen next to a jar on her counter. When someone says something in Kidspeak, she jots it down, folds it up and stashes it in the jar. On chaotic, stressful afternoons when she needs a smile she pulls out a slip. It's caffeine-free rejuvenation! (And a Mother's Day gift idea.)

Emmie (9)

Sometimes a little hero worship sneaks in. Concerned about the wild weather back east, I asked Emmie about their situation. "And your dad's going out of town? What happens if your power goes out?" "Well," she said. "We do have Jake."

Jake (11)

Kidspeak is my love language.

Oh . . . by the way.
Just in case you missed my self-induction
into the hall of fame, this is the re-cap:


I was asked to write an article on being a long distance grandparent
for a fabulous blog called
Read it here.

The website is part of The New York Times Company.
(Yes. I'm bragging.)

"I'd like to thank my publisher, and my English professor, and my Jr. High newspaper,
and my type teacher, and everyone I know, and my Mac . . ." ♫ ♫

(Someone get her off the stage!)


Jake said...

Yesterday Em was commenting on the "wussypillows" I have in a spring vase. Classic.

Christie said...

Kidspeak is my favorite language in the whole world. I don't put the words in a jar, but I do write them down in a notebook. We use them for our christmas card top ten list. I love it.

Hannah said...

Kids are hilarious. My kids are always saying things that I don't want to forget. I need to start writing them down.

Congrats on the NYT's publishing your Cousin Club idea. It truly is a perfect idea.

the wrath of khandrea said...

where's the other post that's showing upin my reader?? it was so fabulous, i was coming over here to beg you to adopt my children. they have pretty much 2 cousins. that's it. we need a bigger family.

Raejean said...

I try to write down the cute things my kiddos say. I love how children look at the world!

Congratulations on the writing gig!

Kay Dennison said...

Congrats!!!!! You deserve it!!!!

Kathy C. said...

Gee, I wish I'd thought of that cute note and jar idea when my son was little... sigh...
I do a similar thing with my hubby, he doesn't even know it yet. I have a large decorative jar in the hallway. I'll write things on bits of paper, such as when he calls me outside to see a beautiful sunset, or if I just want to say how gorgeous his eyes are or how thankful I am for him. I date the paper and pop it in the jar...someday I'll tell him about it, lol.

The Grandmother Here said...

Love the baby on his hind legs!!!

The Grandmother Here said...

Just read the other blog about the "Cousins Club." Great ideas. Much work. You're the best!

polly said...

i wrote down a few things my own kids said, but blogging makes things so easy now, when the grandkids say something cute I just blog it. Congrats on the article, it was fantastic. i hope when you are on the stage accepting your awards your lip quivers as you talk about how much you appreciate the love and support of your dear sister.

Linsey said...

You're famous! Love the article. And I love the kidspeak jar idea. My favorite thing about your blog (i.e. you( is that every time I read a post, I find new reasons to delight in my children. Thanks for the reminder and for helping me see and focus on the joy in my life and theirs.

kenju said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I'll be saying "I knew her when....."

The children are all darling, as is their grandmother!

diane said...

I'm so glad you have been discovered. I will watch for you on the red carpet.