Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A River Ran Through It

Twenty five years ago today we piled the kids in the Suburban
and drove up the canyon to Alta, Utah,
(which was about 20 minutes from our house.)

We were ready for a Memorial Day picnic, but the campsites were still covered up.

Bullough's Photostream
May 1983

A day or so later it melted...fast!
The runoff created a new river--
down State Street in Salt Lake City!

Bullough's Photostream
May 1983

There were kayaks, canoes, swimmers, and lots of sandbags.
I can't believe it was 25 years ago!


What were you doing 25 years ago?


Ink Poison said...

Awesome! I've always wanted to see pictures of that flood. But I had pictured it in black and white. I guess 25 years wasn't that long ago after all!

Lindsey said...

Oh golly. DID YOU HAVE to SAY that was 25 YEARS ago??? Ugh.. that makes me feel old. That I have great recollection of ANYTHING that was 25 years ago! :)

Bev said...

I remember seeing pictures of all this!

25 years ago today I was getting ready to take maternity leave from my job -- my "baby" will be 25 in June!! (where does the time go??)

Ashlee said...

I had no idea that happened! Holy cow!

Keri(th) said...

I was in 3rd grade in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I went to Return of the Jedi in the theaters with my dad and siblings. I recall hearing about Sally Ride and thinking I could do anything, and I fell in love with "The Police" and learned how to play 'Every Breath you' Take on the guitar. Ryan and his family lived in SLC and got the big yellow canoe out!

Christie said...

I remember that flood. Everybody went and helped bagged sandbags. I didn't go - I was only nine.

Tina said...

I remember that so well. My parents helped with the sandbagging. I was 10 and I did help a little bit.

Tina said...
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kenju said...

I don't know for certain, but I was probably recovering or cleaning up from a wedding I had done flowers for.

Sheri said...

I can't believe it either. We lived by Liberty Park and helped with the sand bags. My son collected a jar of the water and saved it for at least fifteen years. We had a Golden Wedding party at the Lions House for my parents on June 12 and everyone had to park several blocks away and walk over the temporary bridge!!

queenieweenie said...

wow. that is cool! 25 years ago I was finishing up 5th grade!

diane said...

I had recently returned from my mission in Montreal. I'm going back this summer. I can't wait to regale my family with memories!

Cath said...

25 years ago I was getting ready to get married. So, I've always been able to remember what year the floods took place!