Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Going on a Bear Hunt

Illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky

"Once upon a time in a nursery rhyme there were three bears. Cha, Cha..."

Does anybody know the rest of this chant? (It has the phrase, "Hey-bob-a-ree-bear" in it.) Was it in a book?

I'm looking for my childhood.

A Wonder Book (maybe it was a Golden Book) I'd like to find was about a little boy named Henry who painted his house. The last line was "Bessie, I'm a little messy." Do you remember that one? Or the one about a black puppy who got his head stuck in a pitcher of lemonade? If you're of my vintage, or had a mom who kept her 1950's book collection, maybe you know these titles. Another one I'd love to find was about a man who had a merry-go-round on the back of his truck. Anyone? Anyone?

One more thing: James Garner (Maverick) played Rockford, and his dad was named Rocky. Rocky was on a Saturday morning TV show in the 50's and I think he played a clown. (But it seems like the show was a western.) Anyway, does this ring any bells? I'm wondering what the show was called.

And one more one more thing, there's a Little Golden Book out there somewhere about some Eskimo-type bears that lived in an igloo, and the mother bear made them all coats of seal skins.

Thank you beary much! (How could I not say it?)


Kenny and Linsey said...

The actor is Noah Beery and he played "Joey the Clown" on the series 'Circus Boy.'

Bessie, I'm a little messy comes from a book called "Henry's Wagon"...I think...

Lindsey said...

Yes, there is a video of my daughter Abby doing it on my blog! Look on the sidebar for videos. It is called Abby's Three Little Bears Video. She will happily perform it for you. (However, I think she makes a few mistakes, but maybe you will recall)

Susan said...

I don't know if this will be helpful or not, but there is an article all about collecting and finding old golden books in this month's issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion. They suggest the following resources.

thesantis.com, randomhouse.com/golden/, and goldenbook.com

Good Luck!