Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bill Grogan's Goat

"And flagged the train...
and flagged the train..."

It was an Oma sing-a-long.

After a spirited rendition of Bill Grogan's Goat,
Lucy (4) and I had this discussion,
while Chelsea (almost 3) listened.

Lucy: Why were the shirts in a line?

Oma: They were hanging on a clothesline, to dry.

Lucy: Oh...why did the goat eat them?

Oma: Because goats eat everything.

Chelsea, with eyes wide, asked "Even people?"

Oma: No. Not people. Just things like, well, like shirts.

Lucy: Why did Bill Grogan tie him to the railroad track?

Oma: Well, he was mad because he ate the shirts, and so...um, well...

Lucy: Why did he cough?

Oma: He kind of choked...to get the shirts back up.

Lucy: Was it like throw up? Was it yukky?

Oma: I don't think so. Then he made them into a flag, so the train would stop.

Lucy: But how did he get untied?

Oma: I guess the engineer untied him. Then he went back home.

Lucy: Did Bill Grogan hit him with another stick?

Chelsea shuddered. "This song is really scary," she said.


K.M. Saint James said...

Very cute!

Thanks for entertaining me on a Tuesday morning.

Oh, by the way, tag you're it.

Pop my blog to see why.

Have a great day!

Ashlee said...

Way to go Oma! Teaching the wee ones such scary songs! :0) I love how they over analyzed the song. :0) It's something I would do.

Annie Link said...

Ha ha ha! I love it! "This song is really scary." Wahahahaha! So fun. I actually dropped by to tag you, so looks like you're DOUBLE IT. Or would that be it, it? Or IT squared? Oh well, you get the picture. Just kill two ITs with one post.

Christie said...

Is this kind of like the rated-R version of the song that you've now taught your granddaugthers? Maybe next they'd like to watch some war movies with Opa and Chase.

Jake said...

Love that song!

Stie...this one is totally tame. Most of the old family songs are about drinking or racial slurs...

al + sar said...

I have so many memories with gramps making me sit at his piano and sing this song with him! I love that its being passed down to your grandkids! (Even though they think its a scary song! They must be smart, I dont think Ive ever even thought about the words-Ive just always sang it!)