Friday, May 30, 2008

In a Pickle

mwrites in NYC, 2008

I have some issues:
  1. I feel compelled to delete things, and then empty my trash. (My computer trash. I'm too busy cleaning off my desktop to empty my real trash.)
  2. I have scanned lots of images for my blog that I already have the real image of...already. Whatever. Anyway, I can't delete anything in my Photosmart scanned images library. I get a pop-up that says "You don't have enough access privilege." Why did I get my privileges taken away?
  3. How can I delete all the zillions of fonts there are to choose from? They just confuse me, and I don't know what they look like. I just go with the one the computer chooses. I want to use cool fonts, but I have to pare down the list somehow.
  4. When you transfer photos from your camera to your computer do you delete them from your camera afterwards? Do you delete the extras on the computer after you've edited them? I do, but half the time I'm sorry later. If I kept them all I'd have 30 pictures of the same thing. (But someone always wants the one I deleted.)
  5. I can't open my iTunes. When I click on the icon it brings up a control volume looking graphic, and I can't find my library or play lists window. Could I have deleted it?
I seem to have a problem deleting the right things.

I'm in a pickle.

(This is a dumb post. I ought to delete it.)


Hannah said...

I am a chronic trash-emptier too. I have regretted doing it many times.

I hate when I am having computer issues! I hope yours are solved soon!

Christie said...

I never empty my computer trash- and now I have to start because I have all these digital interviews that take up TONS of space on my harddrive. So I've started emptying.

Here's my idea for your fonts: Next time you have some time, open a document and type the name of each font, in that font. Then print it out, and you will have an instant font directly that will show you the name, and what each font looks like. Has saved me HOURS of searching for that perfect font.

And this isn't a dumb post - never delete!

Ashlee said...

And this is why I can never throw anything away. I'm sure I'll regret it later....

Tina said...

you are so awesome! I love it, I'm not good at throwing things out. I think I have OCD or something, I'm a hoarder, at least with computer stuff. I relate to 5 pictures of the same thing....
Don't ever delete your posts, I love reading them!

Bev said...

Consider writing your picture files onto CDs, print a proof sheet and file the two together -- then you can actually go back and get that ONE picture you really want

and Christie's idea about the fonts is spot on!!

Ink Poison said...

If my husband ever died, I'd be in a pickle. He shows me how to do everything on the computer. Do you have a Mac? They have free fun classes down at the Apple store.

TravelinOma said...

Thanks for your great suggestions! I knew I could count on your expertise and your understanding.

kenju said...

I download photos into TWO separate photo places and I only delete the worst ones, or the exact duplicates. I can't bear to get rid of them, so I keep making new photo albums on-line.

I do delete them from the camera if I don't want to get prints made of something. If I do, I don't delete anything until I take the card to the camera shop.

Bev said...

don't delete it! look at the great comments you got!!