Sunday, May 11, 2008

Photo Opportunity

Attorney/Client Privilege 2008

I have a new lawyer!

Yesterday's graduation festivities went on 'til the wee hours, and spilled over into today. Downtown was alive with excitement over the occasion. OK, maybe the NBA playoffs and last night's Jazz win contributed to the mood, but it felt like a big party in Dan's honor.

When we left the restaurant tonight, we realized we didn't have a photograph of the memorable celebration. A very tall, handsome, black man and his date were walking ahead of us, so Dan approached him and held up the camera. "Would you mind?" he asked. The guy looked reluctant and awkward, but struck a pose. He seemed surprised when Dan handed him the camera.

The four of us said, "Cheese," and he snapped the shutter, just as a private car service pulled up. I noticed an LA Lakers logo on his sweat suit, and without thinking blurted out, "Are you a Laker? Are you famous?"

He looked embarrassed, and said he was just a fan from LA. As they got in the limo another passer-by asked, "Who was that? I think he's one of their players!"

At home on the computer I googled the Laker's team roster. Apparently we had our picture taken by Trevor Ariza.

So?? I don't know my basketball that a crime?? Do I need a lawyer?

Congratulations to Marta and Dan!! (And the Utah Jazz.)


Christie said...

NO WAY! That is hilarious! How funny. I wouldn't have known him either. Josh would, but not me. That is just too good. Excellent blog fodder by accident!

Oh, and congrats to Dan, too!

Sheri said...

Very funny story. I'm a big Jazz fan but didn't recognize Trevor Ariza's name. He's got a broken foot and is on the Lakers' injured list. Go Jazz!

gab said...

Love this story!! Grampa Jiggs would get a real kick out of it, too!

diane said...

If he's not in People or Us Magazine I don't know him either. Great story!

the hogan's said...

How funny! Im the same as you...I have no idea who's who when it comes to sports!

Bridget said...

What a great story! I used to be such a die hard Jazz fan but since moving away have not been keeping up. Congrats on your new family lawyer!

kenju said...

How about that??!! Good one. I wouldn't have known him either.