Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lessons from a Boy's Life

My boy, 1984

He just needed a boat. His parents provided trips to used book stores, and historic monuments. What's a guy to do? One day a large package arrived in the mail. Josh had answered the ad on the back of Boy's Life Magazine, and had been shipped an order of greeting cards to sell. If he sold $100 worth, he would be eligible for a prize. Maybe this idea would float!


The young salesman of the year found obliging clients and sold his wares. He sent in his money, and stood by the mailbox for weeks and weeks. When the raft finally arrived, Josh could not wait to put it to use!

Intrepid sailors put out to sea.

How often does a twelve-year-old provide a family vacation?

Josh and me

Even mom gave it a go.

Dreams come true.

Every accomplishment starts as a daydream.
But you have to sell a lot of cards, too.

Does this remind you of a time when a little creativity made a dream come true?


gab said...

I had totally forgotten this...but looking at the pics brings it all back!

Christie said...

Why does it not surprise me? I could see him trying something even today!

kenju said...

That's a great story. I probably have similar ones, but I'm too tired now to think of any.

My grandson got a boat for his 14th birthday, and all he does now is fish.

diane said...

I got married in 1984.