Monday, May 26, 2008

Redecorating: If I Had a Hammer

Welcome to Heritage Associates.

"Well, I got a hammer..." and I used it all morning. Plus, the drill was humming, the dust was falling, the nails were flying, and the hanging took place. The walls are decorated!

Dee's new office has two rooms, and we finally have the study room all put together. The project room has some final tweaking, but Dee should be back at his perfectly organized desk by tomorrow.


Dee is an eclectic collector. We displayed just a few of his collections:
  • World War II army medals. (He once had a woman ask if he had won all his medals. He said, "Yes. I fought valiantly on both sides.")
  • German currency from the 30's (when inflation was so bad the money was printed daily, and it took a wheelbarrow load to buy groceries.)
  • Old letters and postcards with beautiful stamps.
  • Anything depicting Paris, or London, or Europe in general.
  • Marbled paper.
  • Books with fine bindings or end-papers.
World War I Collectibles

This gold box is called a Mary Box. Princess Mary (the 17-year-old daughter of King George and Queen Mary) sent them to the British soldiers for Christmas in 1914, with a Christmas card, some chocolate, cigarettes and a pencil. I think Dee got his while fighting in the trenches.

Vintage Map

While hanging several maps, we decided to hang a yellow model biplane from the ceiling with fishing line. Balancing the airplane took mathematical skills we don't have. Balancing ourselves was a challenge, too.

Passport Collection

Doesn't this little rack look ideal for a display of old passports? We thought so, until we realized we were trying to hang it upside down. With a little ingenuity we redesigned the shelf and gave it a purpose. (With all the practice nail holes, it went from being a new shelf to a vintage shelf in just one afternoon.)

Heritage Associate Publications

This is a collection of the books Dee has written. Most of them have been privately commissioned for specific clients, with printings of 100-500 copies, so they aren't sold in bookstores. They are, however, in a few lucky libraries.

Heritage Associates does a lot of research and writing that is used for other purposes (legal documentation, museum displays, brochures, PR, historic architecture, monuments, archives, etc.) But Dee's desk has been the birthplace of over seventy publications! I'm so impressed I think I'll put up a plaque. (Now where's that hammer?)


diane said...

Oooh I want to curl up in that chair with a good read and some snacks, I'll be right over!

kenju said...

Hey, you're pretty good at display and organization. If you work cheaply, could you come and do my office???

gab said...

Excellent! It looks warm, inviting and organized. Love all Dad's special treasures...we will be coming for the tour soon!

marta said...

wow! wow! wow!
way to go! i can't believe how soon you guys have it up and ready to go. it's beautiful. the paint color is awesome. i think it is definitely a sight to see! can't wait for the open house! hooray for new spaces. (you totally won.)

Christie said...

We'd also like to sign up for the private tour. Never even got to see his old office - we must hit the new one when we're there!

Kenny and Linsey said...

I love the upside down curio shelf turned display rack - I think that speaks volumes about both of you.

Nimmy said...

Wow, it looks fabulous. I love the chairs and the passport rack! You two have really out-done yourselves.

MissKris said...

What a sense of accomplishment! It looks great, Marty! Were you guys able to even get out of bed this morning?! HA! Hey, just a little side note here. I tried to become and "Elderblogger" too but I was told my blog is too hard for old eyes to read. If I decide to change it, it'll be reconsidered. Ah well. Trouble is, I like it the way it is. Maybe when it's too hard for MY eyes to read I'll do some tweaking!

Anonymous said...

It looks awesome! Now that's an office my fifteen year old would love. What an amazing collection!!

Bridget said...

Wow! It looks great. Congrats!