Friday, October 15, 2010

Scary Stuff: Girls

Sam and Luke, Oct 2010

The twins forgot their swimsuits.

"Hey, guys," I consoled them, "you can just wear your shorts. They look exactly like swimsuits." There was a whispered discussion about undies, and I said, "Take them off, put your shorts back on, and when we get back, you can wear them while I dry your shorts."

"What if a girl sees us without underwear?" six-year-old Sam asked. "She'll never know," I reassured him. Without a bit of embarrassment they both stripped to bare buns right there in my living room, pranced around like puppies, and eventually put their shorts back on. The self consciousness returned, and they wrapped duckie towels around their waists, "Just in case there's a girl in the elevator," Luke explained.

Splashes and feminine giggles could be heard from the hallway. The boys froze and refused to go through the door for several minutes. "I'm not getting in until those girls are gone," Sam promised. They sat on a bench and watched three little girls cavort in the pool for a few minutes, until Sam huffed, "Well, OK!" and jumped in. Luke sighed loudly and dropped his towel. "This is going to be so embarrassing," he muttered.

Within seconds the boys had stationed themselves close to the girls. The twins' wild cannonballs sprayed water in every direction and they laughed hysterically as they carefully ignored the other kids. When the girls joined their dad in the hot tub, Sam and Luke followed, ducking each other and doing tricks on the handrail. Back went the girls to the pool and so did the dolphin act. Soon, the mom told her daughters get out. While they dried off and gathered up flip-flops and goggles, my little duo belly-flopped loudly and squealed like trained seals.

The door closed on the family and the water stopped sloshing and stood still. It was quiet as the twins watched them leave.

"That was so embarrassing," said Luke.

"Yeah. I hate girls," said Sam.

This is an example of show, don't tell type writing. Instead of telling you "Luke and Sam showed off for some girls at the swimming pool" I showed you their antics through words and you discovered the story the same way I did. By watching it happen.

*Homework: Write a blog using the show, don't tell technique. Get the story in mind, then back up a little and describe it as it unfolds. Link so we can check out your masterpiece.


Christie said...

Sam got out of the shower once at our house and proceeded to type on Chase's typewriter sans clothes. It is a memory I will never forget. I still laugh when I think about it. WHY oh WHY didn't I get a picture?

P.S. NO JOKE, my word verification thingie is "scanty." Ha!

anna jo said...

that is such a cute story! I love those twinks!

Susan Adcox said...

Great story! And so true! My grandsons vacillate between being little prudes and little exhibitionists! They really are trying to find their way.

Jake said...

So glad this is documented. Please remind them how much they hate girls in ten years, ok?

Jake said...

So glad this was documented!

Please remind them how much they hate girls when they turn 16, ok?