Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scary Stuff: Secrets

Do you have skeletons in your closet?
Are you dying to tell someone?
You can trust us—we won't tell a living soul.

Some of my scarier secrets:
  1. Once I got arrested. I was released to my "dad" (who was really my friend's older brother, pretending to be my dad.) It was a mild incarceration for only an hour, but it satisfied my wild side.
  2. Barry Manilow is still one of my favorites. ♫ O-oh Mandy . . . ♫
  3. I got a D- in 8th grade gym because I was too embarrassed to take showers. So I changed the grade (with the wrong color ink, I might add) to a B+. When my mother noticed and asked me about it, I had a grand tantrum, swore at her for not trusting me, and ran downstairs to my room, where I fell on my knees and prayed mightily that I would not be caught. My prayer was not answered the way I'd hoped.
  4. When I was twelve I thought Richard Nixon was handsome.
  5. My beautiful two carat diamond is fake.
  6. If a movie doesn't have sex or violence I'm a little disappointed.
  7. Although I really like babies, I think they're at their best when they're asleep.
  8. Going to bed in the dark freaks me out.
  9. While I moan about insomnia, I actually love prowling around after midnight.
  10. I prefer crazy kids to crazy adults.
Lars & Will

It's your turn: clean those skeletons out of your closet.
Treat us to your tricks—spill your guts.
You know, secrets can eat you alive.
Tell us . . . (after all, it's just us.)


Don't be afraid . . .


kenju said...

What a wild woman you are!! I have never been arrested.....LOL (probably should have been)

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

I've never been arrested, either. But my secret is that I strategically place duct tape on my forehead each night before bed to reverse my wrinkles while I sleep. SO much cheaper than those darn "Frownies" you can get at the drugstore. And it DOES work! :o)

Heffalump said...

I haven't been arrested, but the swat team made a drug bust (except they didn't find any drugs) at my house when I was a newlywed...I got handcuffed and everything!

Christie said...

YOU GOT ARRESTED? How have I never heard this story? We must have the details. MUST.

Oh, and Barry Manilow is the bomb. Will love him until the day that I die.

the wrath of khandrea said...

my secret? i hate being around people. but then i get lonely, so i compromise and make internet friends.

polly said...

i never knew you got arrested! wow! thought i knew everything. i have many secrets, but one that i can tell is that when i tend the grandkids i sing doe a deer - the whole song- just like maria in the sound of music and we dance through the house as if were salzburg-sometimes the kids like it and sometimes Jake says "don't sing that song ANYMORE grama polly". i guess i should be arrested for putting the babies through that!

Tom and Julie said...

I now know why Mom caught me so easily when I changed my grades in 7th grade. She'd already caught on to it from you! Thanks a lot...that experience (of being caught...not that I'd done anything wrong) has scarred me for life!