Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Packages

Art by Jan Brett

Ghosties are a Hero tradition.
Every year my little boos and ghouls get an Oma kit to make their own.

Ghostie Kit in a Ziplock:
  1. Small pack of Kleenex (10 tissues in a pack)
  2. Five lollipops
  3. Five bouncing balls (or cotton balls)
  4. Ten elastics
  5. One ready-made ghostie as an example: Wrap a kleenex around a ball or lollipop and secure it with an elastic. Dot on two eyes and a spooky mouth.

The twins had the task on their To Do list
when they came to visit me last weekend.

(The list was long,
but the attention span was short.)

After train building,

And root beer floats,

"By the way Oma," Sam said,
loudly sipping the bottom of his glass,
"We're not supposed to have carbonation."

My little spooks stuck on scary stickers,
and stuffed twenty Ghost Kits inside seven packages.
They were ready to go in a witch's wink!

Scary stuff is in the mail!


Christie said...

We got ours yesterday and Hannah got right to work. Thanks for a cute package!

marta said...

we loved the ghostie tradition. we have ghosts haunting our walls! thanks for sending them our way. b and me love crafting from oma mail!

The Grandmother Here said...

I've just ordered "An Eyeball in My Garden -- and Other Spine-tingling Poems" by Jennifer Cole Judd for my grandkids for Halloween. She's a friend from Texas and this is her first published book.

Grandma Shelley said...

What a fun Halloween tradition. They get mail and a craft to do. That's a home run Oma!

Nina Lewis said...

What a boo-tifull idea! You are a fabulous grandma!

al + sar said...

You are the coolest and most clever grandma around! What lucky grandkids you have!