Monday, October 25, 2010

Oma's Halloween Parade

Which witch is which?

I've got clowns in five states

That might not recognize their clown-terparts!
So as president of the Cousin's Club,

I pray for ways to keep them in touch.

Kids from every generation come to the
Cousins Club Halloween Parade.

Here's what I do:
  1. Send an email invitation to all my grandkids, asking them to email me a photo of them in their costume, by Halloween.
  2. Drag each photo onto my desktop. (I have a Mac computer. I can't give specifics for a PC.)
  3. Use Shutterfly to create an album with all the photos. (They tell you how on their website.)
  4. Click on Share and it's automatically emailed to everybody I specify.

This year I'm using a little extra sorcery.
I'll create a slide show on iPhoto.
(There are step-by-steps on their website.)

Then I'll pirate a spooky song from iTunes
(just 99¢)
and add music to my iPhoto slideshow.

Then with the wave of a magic wand,
I'll have my Halloween parade
ready for YouTube!

(I dove right in and watched a YouTube
on How to Make a YouTube.)

Making my first YouTube I felt off balance,
but it wasn't as scary as it looked.

Whether it's a booklet of photocopies from Kinko's,
a YouTube, or an email attachment,
the Cousins Clubbers will think Santa came early.

At least they'd better.

Oma hatching an idea.

"She just goes a little mad sometimes.
We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?"
—Norman Bates


Anonymous said...

What a great post Oma! Loved the last it!!☺

craigandlissa said...

Another fabulous idea! I am so loving your blog!!!

Nancy said...

She just goes a little mad sometimes.
We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?"

—Norman Bates

Just don't let them put you in the apple cellar,Oma.....

HandiGrammi said...

Wish my grandkiddos weren't so spread out so I could invite them to a parade...

Just started a blog to share how I interact across-the-miles. Trying to add value, connecting families via books, puzzles, music, and fun. Can you help spread the word?

Lots of not-too-late suggestions for Halloween -- with book picks tried and true and likely to be at most purchase necessary! Will tackle more holidays next…

Susan Adcox said...

Love the pictures! Your Cousins Club continues to be one of my very favorite grandparenting strategies, even though I haven't found the time to actually do it myself.