Monday, October 19, 2009

Write Away Seminar: Post Card from Philly

Art by C. E. Turner

I'm off! This week I'm a TravelinOma in deed, as well as word.

Faraway grandkids change their identities every few months, so I need to get reacquainted with my Philly group. I can't wait.

I'll get to lay on their beds at night whispering secrets and singing lullabies, listen as they tell me about horseback riding, soccer, or ow-ies. I'll watch ET, Survivor Man, High School Musical and Spongebob, somersaults in the family room, or tricks on the trampoline. I'll sit at the table and be served wholesome meals, while I philosophize with their folks, discussing everything from building a deck to why people watch The Office. I'd rather be with my kids and grandkids than anywhere else I can think of. It energizes me to see them in the homes they've created for themselves. And it validates the years of active mothering we endured together. It is pure joy to be an observer of their busy lives.

The TravelinOma Kit is packed this time with a Halloween Party. I've already sent the invitation, and I'm taking my costume, decorations to haunt the house, plus games, prizes and spooky tales.

You, however, don't get to party. School is still in session. Postcards will arrive daily, right here, with links to a classroom discussion. And you'll still have homework. I won't be reading your assignments as closely this week, so everybody check each other's work.

To get you started, click over to Sher-in-dipity for a quick laugh, and then visit an old post I wrote about blogging.

Homework: Do any or all or be inspired.

~Your grandma has just come to visit. She knows nothing about blogging, facebook, twitter, and she's pretty fuzzy about email. How would you explain your hobby? Prompt: "I know it seems like I'm just wasting time on the computer, but it's different. It's like_______."

~List 5 things you'd like to see in a Blogger's Book of Etiquette.

~Write about a relative who came to stay at your house. Idea: "Grandpa came to stay with us after his open-heart surgery. It wasn't exactly fun. I remember . . . "

Write away!

*If you do any part of this assignment on your blog, please link it back to TravelinOma and provide proper attribution. Leave a comment here (with a link to your homework if you want to share it) and/or a link to your blog (so we can get to know you.) School Days has open enrollment so join anytime. No make-up work required! If you're new, click here for an orientation.


Diane said...

Have a grand time with your grands!

wk 8, day 1
I welcome any tutorial advice.

~Kristina said...

Have a sensational trip Oma!

diane said...

Sounds like a trip full of treats not tricks. Enjoy!

the wrath of khandrea said...

i want to be you when i'm a grandma. we've always lived super far from my parents, and i don't really have inlaws that want to be grandparents. my poor kids are totally shortchanged. do you hire out?

audrey said...

Have a marvelous trip!


PS Here is my assignment from last Friday as well.

Polly said...

Have fun! I'll miss our visits. Say hi to the easterners!

Tiffany said...

I know you're not coming to see me (I'm out that way too!), but I'm going to pretend you are and feel special about myself.

Love the writing prompts!

dalene said...

Catching up--and done. Thanks!

~j. said...

It's almost as if I've had this conversation before.

debby said...

a bit of a rambling post.