Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"And down will come Oma..."

Chelsea (2) and Lucy (3) are having a sleepover at Oma's. The girls are snuggled in their sleeping bags and Oma begins her lullaby repertoire.

Lucy: Oma, why are you singing?

Oma: I'm singing you to sleep. (Sings a few bars...)

Lucy (sitting up): How long are you going to sing?

Oma: Until you fall asleep.

Lucy (quickly faking sleep): I'm asleep.

Oma: I'm singing until Chelsea falls asleep, too.

Lucy: You said you'd just sing until I fell asleep. I'm asleep.

Oma: Shall I stop singing?

Lucy: Yes. You can just stop singing and you can just go out of here.


Stie said...

Even Mozart wasn't appreciated in his own time.

So does this mean the babies might be FINALLY coming?

Joy Des Jardins said...

What, she doesn't appreciate Oma's melodic voice? How adorable Marty.

anna jo said...

yeah,was this a babies-are-coming-emergency-sleepover???

kenju said...

Ah, too bad, Oma. You can practice singing for the next sleepover...LOL

gab said...

I know...my kids always tell me to stop singing. Except at bedtime...they will listen to my scratchy voice as long as it delays bedtime!