Thursday, May 31, 2007


Lois Lane was one of my idols. She worked at a great, metropolitan newspaper and wrote articles about Heroes. Years ago we started calling our kids The Heroes, (trying to instill heroic type qualities) and we call the grand kids Heroes, Too. Who better to try my reporting skills on??Over the last 10 years we've had Heroes living in Boston, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Seattle, Utah, San Diego, Toledo, Denver, Minnesota and St. Louis, but they're all members of The Cousins Club.

The Cousins Club Newsletter comes out quarterly with articles featuring my little heroes, as well as something about our family history. Nothing heavy...this month I wrote about our dog Peaches, and sent along a picture of her for the kids to color. I've told funny stories about their parents as little kids, and suggested family recipes they could make.

We have a pledge (suggested by one of the kids)
and I scan photos so they'll remember each other. I had help with the layout the first couple of years, (Aunt Min) and lately I've tried a Pages template.
I'm still experimenting with my design, but I always pick the most appreciative and least critical of readers. (The oldest two are nine, and the youngest two are 4 days old.) Getting anything in the mail is a treat, and I'm sure the ShopCo ads are just as thrilling to recieve, but the ShopKo people don't have as much fun as this Lois Lane.

If you want to be a Hero, join The Cousin's Club. Maybe someone will write about you!


Kelly said...

all i can say is wow! i hope my mom does stuff like this when her grand kids are older. hint. hint. hint.

Stie said...

We just love the Cousins Club around here. In fact, if we get anything in a large envelope, the kids immediately pounce on it, "Is it Cousins Club?" You truly are amazing.

gramakas said...

You always have such great ideas! I'm sure it is a lot of work but the results must more than compensate... very memorable! Good example for all of us Grandmas.

gab said...

My kids think that cousins club is the coolest group...they love to get their mail!

mama jo said...

if i can just live up to your standards..can i join?

Joy Des Jardins said...

What a great newsletter Marty...and what a wonderful thing to share with your whole family. What wonderful memories you are giving everyone.

Betty said...

Great idea!

By the way, Marty, I finally posted the answers to your questions on Blog Etiquette. Sorry it took me so long. Maybe I can get others to answer the ones I wasn't sure about. Or, correct me where I went wrong.

PI said...

It's funny how children love to hear of their parent's naughtinesses when they were children themselves.
I discovered this when my children were little and, on a sudden impulse, confessed to some prank I had played a a child. This impressed them far more than hearing that Mother was a paragon of virtue all the time. Which of course i was:)
Your idea is brilliant!