Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Power of a Simple Song

The longer I live the more I find
That people seldom take the time
To really get to know a stranger and make him a friend.
But the power of a simple song
Can make everybody feel they belong.
Maybe singin' and playin' can bring us together again.

Music speaks louder than words.
It's the only thing that the whole world listens to.
Music speaks louder than words.
When you sing, people understand.

Sometimes the love that you feel inside
Gets lost between your heart and your mind
And the words don't really say the things you wanted them to.
But then you feel in someone's song
What you'd been trying to say all along
And somehow with the magic of music
The message comes through.

Music speaks louder than words.

(This song was recorded by Peter Paul and Mary in 1983. It's one of my favorites.)

What this world needs is a giant hootenanny.


MissKris said...

Whenever I hear someone say they don't like music, that's such a foreign concept to me. I can't begin to wrap my brain around it. I grew up in a house where music was playing in some way or form most of the time. With my oldest brother being 6 years older than me, I was introduced to rock 'n' roll a lot earlier than many of the kids my age. Thru the painful, confusing, and often very lonely years of my adolescence, music was my comfort, my companion. The words of so many countless songs eased the pain and isolation I felt. Music, and lyrics...why, they're part of who I am.

Bev said...

I too love Peter, Paul & Mary. When my peers were moving to the Beatles, I stuck to folk music...its been said that in those days our music was our politics -- if that's true, I really haven't changed much on that score in almost 40 years!!

It has been said that music is one of the last things that we forget, it is the universal language of our souls ... do you suppose we remember the heavenly choirs from we came from and we long to return there?

anna jo said...

hooray for hootenannie's!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I love this song too Marty. Peter, Paul & Mary...the best. I saw them in concert years ago at
Bradley University in Peoria, IL...where my brother went. They were amazing. That was definitely one of the coolest things my brother ever did for his little sister.