Friday, May 4, 2007

Expecting Twins

I guess I got my musicals crossed. Not Tonight after all, maybe
"Tomorrow, Tomorrow, they'll get here's only a day away."

Waiting is a difficult activity for me, whether it's for babies, test results, teenagers to get home, or the more mundane line at the grocery store. I should have a notebook handy for all the stories I've invented while I'm waiting:

"They probably decided to go up the canyon, and while they were playing Frisbee in the dark she fell in the stream, and they couldn't find a ranger, so she's floating down the river with no ID and I'll hear about it on the news, and have to identify her by her dental records."

"Instead of playing basketball at the school like he said, he went deer hunting up the canyon with his friend, and they shot a deer. Since he has a broken arm, it took longer to gut the deer, and drag it to the car than they thought...."

Oh....I didn't invent this one. My 16-year-old son did, while I was busy having a conniption fit over him not coming home at 4:30 like he said, and the fact that it was 9:pm and nobody had a clue of where he was.

One of my standards is:
"They know it will kill me when they tell me the results of that biopsy, so they're waiting until the cancer takes over before they call. By then I'll be in such agony that I'll have guessed anyway, and they won't even have to break the news."
In this case it's just that the babies aren't ready for this world yet. They want a little more preparation time, a little more of their mother's undivided attention, a little more closeness.

I guess I can wait.


gab said...

They are totally worth waiting for...hang in there, Oma! Give Heidi a big hug from us...

Bridget said...

Good luck! No one had a harder time waiting for my babies to be born then my mom. Guess its a Grandma thing. Enjoy!

Chancy said...

But won't it be fun when they do arrive.:)

Joy Des Jardins said...

Think of it this way will need all the extra time to "rest up" before those two angels arrive. Just be patient until they're done cookin'....which only THEY will know. Believe me, among the hugs, kisses and the sheer joy of it does take some stored up energy...especially for Grandmas. My twin girls are all grown and married now, and I look back on those baby days with such love and warmth. There's nothing like it. I'm very excited for all of you.

Stie said...

Oh, I can't wait either! Hurry up, little chicks - we want to hug and squeeze you to pieces!

MissKris said...

I remember those days, waiting for my own kids, waiting for my grandbaby. It was one thing giving birth to my own, but to be so privileged to be allowed to watch the actual birth of my grandson was one of the highlights of my Life so far. What a miracle! And worth waiting for, too, tho he wasn't in any hurry, either! Will be praying for mama and babies...and you too, Grandma! ((((HUG))))