Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to Read My Blog

Welcome to TravelinOma

There's two sides to my blog: Main Post and Sidebar.

The Main Post changes regularly. (I post 4-5 times a week.) At the bottom of each post there's a box with a link to Comments. Click there to read comments or leave one of your own. If you don't know how, but want to comment, type in your comment, sign it or not, click on anonymous and then click publish your comment.

The section on the right is called the Sidebar. That part stays the same. If you click on any picture on my sidebar, it will open up on the screen to an inside story. (I've grouped my most requested topics together, so you can find posts on Grandma Tips, Motherhood, Creative Writing by clicking the picture.) You can also click on any phrase or title that's underlined and it will link you to a post on the subject. Click the back-button to return to where you were.

At the bottom of the sidebar there's a link to my popular School Days Seminar, links to favorite posts on my core philosophies of life, and an index of all my blog categories. Find something that interests you and click away.

You're always welcome here!
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Janet said...

HI, I'm Janet from Nana's Sweeties at I love your blog and am now a follower. Love the idea of cousins club. I ran across your blog at, Susan Adcox. Will look forward to reading your posts and get more great ideas. Thanks.

oma shanan said...

I too, am Oma. I thought I had made it up,,,Ha I hand quilt. I want to make five lumberjack quilts in different colors for my children. I looked your blog up, thinking I'd found the pattern for the quilts. Yours is more of a log cabin type. In the magazine "American Patchwork and Quilting" Feb.1998 I guess there is a pattern. I saw a reference to it and a different rendition of it in a later magazine. I love the pattern!
I am Oma Shanan to one granddaughter and three grandsons!
Maybe we can be facebook friends?
Im Shanan Torres with a Jewish star. God Bless You!
shanan (Van Laningham)Torres
Ps Do you have Dutch in your fathers side?

Anonymous said...

HI, I'm Nicole from Germany, 45, mother of a lovely 5 year old boy and am married. I came across your blog by coincidence, I guess. I searched for an irish porridge recipe and your link popped up :-) I ended up reading your posts, comments and opinions about yourself and your family for hours ! It is such an intersting blog, very heartwarming, very honest and funny and very well written I find. Oma ( german word for granny :-)) continue on, you have been and still are one of the best moms out there and grandmother for how many grandchildren :-) ?? Love your blog !!