Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Shelf Seminar: Post Card to Authors

Dear Class,
I'm assuming you're all behaving and studying hard. I'll be back next week. In the meantime, please read the material in these two chapters, and complete the written assignment.

Do you ever wish that you could find just the right book? Maybe you should Write your own!
You may be an illustrator, too. I've been trying to find a solution in that department. For The Doll Collection we had a photo-shoot. I dressed up my grandkids and told them how to pose for the shots.

Homework: Do any or all or be inspired.

~Have you looked high and low for a book that doesn't seem to have been written? On what topic? What would be the title? Who do you wish was the author? Could you write it?

~I love the book No, David. Did you know David Shannon wrote the book using pictures he drew as a little boy? Look at some illustrations and decide if you could illustrate your own book.

~Write a paragraph about having a substitute teacher. Idea: "Mrs. Sullivan was the world's worst substitute. She made a boy stand with his nose in a circle she drew on the blackboard because he was bad."

*If you do any part of this assignment on your blog, please link it back to TravelinOma and provide proper attribution. Leave a comment here (with a link to your homework if you want to share it) and/or a link to your blog (so we can get to know you.) School Days has open enrollment so join anytime. No make-up work required! If you're new, click here for an orientation.


crissy // mama boss said...

Did you mean to link "Dee and the giselas" to your "super oma" post?

diane said...

I'm trying to make a blurb book of my son'e mission. It's harder than I expected. Maybe I'll just make some spit wads to shoot at the substitute.

Travelin'Oma said...

Thanks Crissy! I fixed it.

Diane said...

Writing is hard! Maybe that's why I appreciate reading so much.
wk 8 day3

audrey said...

I hope your trip is going well!


dalene said...

i have the opposite problem of finding the right book--there are so many good books and so little time!

but if i could write a book i would love to write a book telling the stories of some of the remarkable people in my neighborhood. everyday people seemingly living ordinary lives that to me seem rather extraordinary due because of their simple acts of service and courage

~j. said...

no way.

debby said...

my kid could draw that