Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oma Storybook Collection

The eleventh volume of my Oma Storybook Collection
is now in the hands of my readers.

My little granddaughters acted out a story from my childhood.
With costumes and props we turned it into a photo-shoot
to illustrate my newest book.

It's a story about a doll collection prized by a little girl named Marty,
and what happened to it at the hands of her
wicked (though darling) little sister.

It ends with an ironic twist—the destruction of the mother's
prized tea set, instigated by her wicked (though darling)
little daughter—

So now I'm off on a Travelin'Oma book tour. Isn't that what authors do? They visit their fans, sign autographs and discuss the symbolism and foreshadowing that makes their work deep. I'm visiting kids who go to book signings so I'm sure I'll learn the ins and outs of the real deal. And I'll explain how they are the motivation for all my books!

I won't be gone long,
but I'll be sure to send postcards!


The Grandmother Here said...

Once upon a time there were some wicked brothers who pulled the heads off all their sisters' Barbie dolls.

Polly said...

it is a darling book! Thanks for my autographed copy!

the hogan's said...

That is so cute! Too bad I was the wicked owner of my dolls who cut their hair and ruined them. Im now regretting my hair cutting skills when I was 10!

Christie said...

These guys have been clamoring to meet the author for quite some time. We can't wait to see you!

diane said...

What lucky grandchildren you have. Have a wonderful book tour. I'll be checking to see if you are on Oprah or the Today show. I would wait in line to have you sign a book.

mama jo said...

as the 'wicked' sister in the book, i feel so honored to forever be remembered in print for my deeds...i am reminded of this about every 2 years by you...now i can just read it!