Thursday, May 28, 2009

Postcard: Oma Tip

The inspiration on Oma's wall.

I'm a Travelin'Oma this week.

I always take a few Oma activities to make memories with the Grands. You can find a tried and true Oma tip in my post Button, Button.

I'll be back soon!


diane said...

My grandma had a huge tin full of buttons and a couple years ago I started my own collection to share someday with grandkids. I love all of your ideas. Mind if I borrow a few?


Love this. brings back memories of playing with my grandmother's button box - a round tin. Mama had it and today the worn tin is mine - a treasure.
Thanks for sharing.

The Grandmother Here said...

Whoa. Flash back in time! My grandmother died before I was born but my sisters and I used to play Hide The Thimble when we went to visit her sister Aunt Clara. I also remember Button Button Who's Got The Button from parties. Thanks for the memories.