Monday, August 9, 2010

How to Host a Tea Party for Kids


An Oma Tradition

My eleven little granddaughters regularly host a tea party at my house. I bring the works, but they do the work. In fact, the work is the tea party. (Click here and you'll feel like you were an invited guest!)
Here's the ten step plan.

The secretary makes notes of the plans.

There's nothing to do beforehand except go to the store.

Here's your list:
  1. Roll of paper: white wrapping paper, butcher paper, newsprint, whatever.
  2. Lots of washable markers.
  3. A roll of scotch tape for every two guests.
  4. A roll of crepe paper for every two guests.
  5. Bagels (one for each—I like the mini size. Get them sliced.)
  6. Tub of flavored cream cheese.
  7. Tiny carrot sticks, and a bowl of grapes (take them off their vines.)
  8. Craisins.
  9. Pink and white "Mother's" brand animal cookies with sprinkles.
  10. Plastic forks, spoons, little plates and napkins, a couple of little bowls to serve in.
  11. Big package of wipes.
  12. Seven-up
  13. Apple juice.

Decorating the Mural

This is the list of stuff I need to find in my house:
  1. Little chairs and tables
  2. Tablecloth to be used as dropcloth under the tables
  3. Dishtowels and dishrags (one per guest) and dish soap
  4. Plastic tea sets, with cups, saucers, spoons and at least one tiny pitcher for each guest.
  5. Full length mirror.
  6. Beauty Shop kit: (pink foam rollers, clippies, velcro brush rollers, several combs, spray water bottles, clips, headbands and ribbons.)
  7. Dress up kit: dresses, purses, costume jewelry, scarves, hats, plastic high heels. Make sure there's shoes and an outfit for everybody.
  8. Dollar store bracelets and flavored chapsticks for prizes.
  9. Music (piano, CD player, adults who will sing, whatever.)

It must fit the occasion.

  1. Girls arrive and plan the tea party.
  2. Then they Make decorations: banner, twisted crepe paper streamers, everything made and taped by the guests at random.
  3. The girls set up the tables on top of the drop cloth, and then set out the knives and napkins, and plates. On each plate they put a carrot, grapes, craisins, a bagel and a scoop of cream cheese. The animal cookies are saved for dessert and so is the "tea."
  4. When the food is ready, they go to the beauty shop and do their hair.
  5. Then the dress shop to pick their outfits.
  6. An impromptu fashion show introduces each guest, and they are seated for the tea party.
  7. After a prayer, they spread their own cream cheese on their bagel, and eat.
  8. I read Fancy Nancy, Madeline and other girlie type stories while they nibble politely.
  9. Then the teapots appear. Each girl gets a creamer filled with 7-up (cream) and a small teapot of apple juice is shared by 4 girls at a table. Tiny plastic cups, saucers and spoons make this the highlight event of the day. They get to do all the pouring. We serve the cookies and they discuss where they're from "I'm from Malaysia." "I'm from Lava Hot Springs." They make up stories and every place sounds exotic.
  10. Clean-up is an activity in itself. They rip down the decorations, carry the plates to the sink, scrub their hands, faces, and the tables and chairs with wipes. Then a couple of girls wash the dishes in soapy suds and the other girls carefully dry each piece, and pack them in the tea party kit. Dress-ups are stuffed back into the trunks. Garbage is collected. It's fun to use a timer and split them into teams and make it a contest.
  11. Prizes are passed out after the clean up: dollar bracelets, and fruity chapsticks.
  12. Freeze dance: This is the wind down. They dance all over, and when the music stops they freeze in position. During this activity I clean up the clean-up.
Clean up time.

Time to go! Bye, bye cute girls.
Thanks for hosting an Oma Tea Party!
See you next time!
(Easy- peasy, lemon squeezy!)

Please visit Christie's official

Tea Party Documentary

(Wear heels, and keep your pinkie up.)


Raejean said...

It's probably a little to late for me to be one of your granddaughters, but I hope I can be an amazing grandma like you when the time comes!

Christie said...

You are truly a tea party genius. It was the kind of event that every little girl dreams of. Thanks for including us.

al + sar said...

You are the most amazing party planner! And such an awesome Oma!!

Grandma Shelley said...

I love that the girls did the planning. One day we will be gone and we need the next generations to keep the family traditions alive. Great even planning training for your granddaughters.

My oldest granddaughter (10) frequently helps me with my decorating and catering projects.

polly said...

what a fun party! can i come to the next one?

Grandma Kc said...

This is when I really wish that Amara had lots of sisters/brothers or even cousins so that we could have wonderful parties like this!

Destri said...

seriously, could you get any cooler? I need to write all your fabulous ideas down.
And to think I thought I never wanted girls. So glad I have one!

Heather Scott Partington said...

So much fun! I like that you give them responsibilities too. Just like "big people" party planning--it's a lot of work!