Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sisters, sisters, 
There were never such devoted sisters;

They laugh and talk and listen for hours on end, 
In every situation they have a friend.

Caring, sharing—there is lots of testimony bearing.
Busy schedules try to split them up but nothing can. 

The Lord blesses sisters who bless the lives of their sisters,
Stay close to your sister— 
It’s part of Heavenly Father’s plan!

You bless lives of your sisters as a visiting teacher and/or a visiting teachee. Visiting teachers:
  1. Love each sister and help her strengthen her faith. 
  2. Seek inspiration to respond to her spiritual/temporal needs. 
  3. Plan with your partner to have regular monthly contact with each sister. Partners do not always have to visit together, but you should talk frequently to plan your service. 
  4. When appropriate, share a gospel message from the Ensign, or the scriptures. 
  5. Report to your supervisor by the 2nd of the month. 
Your reports are the way I inform Bishop Koford of the well-being of the sisters and how we have been able to serve and love them. When a personal visit is not possible, use phone calls, texts, email, etc. to watch over them. (A treat on the doorstep is a fun surprise, but unless it's followed by some kind of interaction, it doesn't tell you how that sister is doing.) Confidential concerns should be reported to me ASAP: 801-230-8246.

If you are a visiting teachee, remember your VT are lovingly trying to serve you. Be appreciative and considerate, and love them back!

The Lord blesses sisters who bless the lives of their sisters,
Stay close to your sisters.
It's part of Heavenly Father's plan!

♥ Marty

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