Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Who, Me??

I won an award!

I'm a thinking blogger and proud of it. I was nominated by Stie and I think she compared it to the Nobel Prize or something. Her blog is one of the best, and I'm very flattered to be in such great company! (Cameras flash...)

So now I get to sport a cool little medallion on my blog, and I also get to bestow this coveted award on 5 other bloggers. Then they award it to 5 of their favorites, and pretty soon we'll all be thinking bloggers. It's kind of like an old fashioned snowball dance. The first couple dances until the music stops and then they each choose new partners, and when the music stops again, all four pick other partners and by the end of the song, everybody is dancing. Pretty fun! Put on your thinking caps and your dancing slippers and check out my choices. ("I'll take your questions later...")

My first award goes to Anna over at Inbetween the Lines. Her blog was the first one I ever read. I was absolutely bowled over by how quickly I got to know her heart by reading her words. I read every post, and then all her links. I learned about her dad's SS lesson, her sister's pregnancy, her brother's computer skills, and best of all Keith Albertson.

(I'm a little embarrassed by all these photographers!)

Marta writes the dear diary stories. Her blog is perfectly descriptive of her. I love all the extra touches, and innovative ideas, complete with photos and links. She is consistently awesome.

The Gab Blog is a very entertaining look at real life in the trenches with kids. She makes it all sound funny and fun. I have gotten to know her so well, I almost feel like she's my daughter.

The Secret of Nimmy is that she's an art historian and an artist herself. She puts together a creative collection of work that is so fun to look at. She has photos as well as illustrations and I love visiting her blog.

According to Kelly, she's a domesticated diva. I love her random ramblings, cute pictures and especially her recipes. I don't actually cook them, but I imagine how they taste. It's less work that way.

And now,
"I'd like to thank all my thinking readers, the great people at Blogger, my hair stylist Dena, my colorist Peggy, Roget's College Thesaurus in Dictionary Form, Apple Computers, my creative writing teachers Mrs. Landerman, Miss Ed and Enya, my type teacher Miss somebody.....oh, and Miggs who suggested a year ago that I should have a blog, B-Rad who taught me how to turn on a computer....oh, and..."(music swells, lights fade, a Mac walks her off the stage).

Well, I thought it was pretty cool....


marta said...

who, me?!! what a lovely tribute. you are not only travelin' but thinkin' too. thanks for the award. what a great idea. can i have your autograph?

Gramafolly said...

I think you are the best blogger of all the thinking bloggers..you are very consistant and always coming up with fun ways to express yourself. You should get the nobel prize of blogging

raehan said...

Oh goody. Those all sound like great reds. Thanks for the links.

Bev said...

you deserve it!

gab said...

thanks a million! I have to say that any award you get from your mother is EXTRA meaningful!!!

kenju said...

Congratulations~! We are in good company now!