Thursday, April 26, 2007

Quoting the Grandkids

(Uncle Brad had a bad bike accident.)
McKay (9): It's good Brad had his helmet on. He could have had a head injury.
Chase (7): Or death.

(On Hannah, who turned 5 yesterday)
McKay: Hannah's real sensitive about being called names.
Chase: Just younger people are sensitive. It ends when you're 5.
Hannah: I'm 5!
Chase: ends when you're 6.

(Chase is getting ready for his baseball game.)
Oma: Chase! Do you have your uniform on yet?
Chase: Can McKay help me get my cup on?
McKay: Chase, you don't need it.
Chase, standing at the top of the stairs, wearing just the cup: Hey, is this right?

(Later, after the game.)
McKay: Chase, I'll race you.
Chase: I can't run. I've got my cup on.

Oma and Opa are tending, and laughing, in San Diego this week.


Sarah said...

So precious! Kids really do say the darndest things. I have a vivid memory of telling my Nana that I would not have any wrinkles when I was her age. I couldn't understand why she later repeated it to my Mum and why they were roaring with laughter. Now I know...

Stie said...

Oh, I miss those little crazies!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Can't you just sit and listen to them all day Marty? I honestly think there's NOTHING better. Thanks for sharing these gems...

Chancy said...

I love the way you record some of their truisms...The cup one is just priceless. :)

sylvia said...

Chase sounds like a real winner! Great quotes.

I really like your domain name -- my grandmother is Oma too. She's not travelling anymore but she's still around and telling the stories.

Thanks for popping by my site :)