Sunday, April 22, 2007

Exercise Caution

I hate to admit I've sunk so low...I slept with Arthur Itis and Ben Gay. I wouldn't recommend these new guys. They did nothing for me, and I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, in a sticky mess. Plus they smell bad. It was all empty promises with them. I had hoped they could make my body feel those forgotten sensations of painless movement.

My rotator cuff injury (caused not by my wicked serve, but by wielding my mouse wickedly), and my bloggers stiff neck led me to consult my on-line doctor. WebMD recommended the ever popular cure: get more exercise.

So I went down to the pool and found that I was much more agile underwater. I did great leg lifts and knee bends with much more enthusiasm than earlier. Then I soaked close to the jets in the hot tub. That seemed to tighten me up rather than loosen me up. I hobbled home, took a handful of advil and got into bed. I can't tell if the cure is worse than the disease at this point. I also wonder why something so good for me (exercise) makes me feel so bad, and just laying around makes me feel so good. And what is the point? Is there a goal here other than long life? A long life of discomfort doesn't tempt me as much as a short life of ease.

So now I'm looking into a class they offer in our gym. Aging with Aerobics. I think these women were 30 when they started class. I can't wait.


Joan said...

If it helps any...I take my 85 year old mom to a YMCA Aquatics Arthritis Class and, to be honest, I think I'm the one who gets the most out of it. Talk about aches and pains!!!

Stie said...

Go OMA! Get over those first few humps of pain and it'll feel better each time. I think between you and Marta, we ought to have our own running team soon!

Heidi Ballou said...

So do you want to catch the Salt Lake Classic with me next year, Oma? We can be a little Team in Training! I'll sign you up!

mama jo said...

i don't know, mod...i've been excercising for more than a year, with my trainer...and although i do feel better...i still hate it...i still love it when i can take the day off...i think it's a personality thing...either you've got it or you don't...i know i don' about you?

kenju said...

You have to exercise more than one time in order to have it help with pain. The hot tub will help keep your muscles from being sore after exercise - I know from experience. I was there today!!

Chancy said...

Here's hoping you ditch both Arthur and Ben Gay soon.

Carmen said...

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gab said...

Mom, hang in there. The good pain of exercise is addictive and will probably have you off all your meds and sleeping through the night like a baby! I am not kidding. I am an exercise evangelist!!! I love it...exercise is the fountain of youth!