Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't Worry...the Ops are in Charge

Oma can't turn on the TV. McKay and Chase race to the rescue.

"Just find me a regular our house it's channel 2."
Lots of demonstrating and instructions go on, and then it's my turn.

McKay explains, "If you want to go fast through the channels press this. If you want to go slow press this."

I land on Extra and decide to practice. Extra seems to be featuring an episode on porn stars. There are topless girls (covered by their arms and strategic blurriness provided by the censors.)

"Yuck!" yells Chase! "Turn it!" screams McKay! I succeed in finding the volume, and in the rush of things, drop the remote. In a few seconds it's all over but the memory.

Chase is in the throws of a fake nausea attack. McKay glances over at Opa and they make eye contact. McKay smiles...


Stie said...

Why does my life seem so much funnier when I'm not living it?

kenju said...

That reminds me of the time we were watching a movie on HBO (Silver Streak) and my mom, who was visiting, woke up just as a certain part of the movie came on. She misunderstood what was happening, and yelled, "What the heck is this? Deep Throat? I almost died. My children were asleep.....LOL

Suzz said...

Hi, Marty, thanks for your visit and comment on my site. Love your stories -- all new to me -- so I'll be back.

Kelly said...

sounds like a fun party!

Gramafolly said...

I don't have to even travel to have TV hysteria..if anyone ever comes over and goes for a remote I always say "now press these buttons" if they don't Jim and I will never be able to watch TV again!