Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I'm it! I got tagged, and so I get to tell 5 things I love, and 5 things I hate. If you want to play, comment or tell us on your blog.

I love:
1. Blue and white dishes.
2. Book stalls in Paris.
3. Maps.
4. Cobblestones.
5. Old Cemeteries.

I hate:
1. Weather men who act like it's my fault it didn't rain.
2. Drivers who zoom up behind me and then ride my tail until I move over.
3. People having loud, long, private conversations on cell phones in public places.
4. Being on hold with obnoxious music, when I really have to talk to them.
5. Parents saying very rude, uncalled for things to their kids in public (or anywhere.)

You're it!


Chancy said...

I agreed with all 5 of the things you hate. Me too to all of them

kenju said...

Good choices all!

Joan said...

Hmmm...this one I'll have to think about before posting my choices...it's a tough one to pick out just five of each.

marta said...

nice hearts & hates.. i could have guessed all your hearts.. you love life that is what i heart about you!!