Saturday, April 7, 2007

Flipping the Bird

Our baby birds have turned into teenagers.

We've been gone for a couple of weeks, and we wondered if our baby pigeons would have flown the nest by the time we returned. I think we missed out on their childhood. We had looked forward to their first steps, their first brave attempts at trying their wings.

They seem to have flipped to the stage where they are gone all the time, but we can tell they still live here by the giant mess they've left! There's a lot of noise, too, with cooing and flapping of feathers that all stops when we try to communicate with them. They hide behind the chair and give us the silent treatment. Don't get me wrong. I love teenagers. I disagree with all the people who bad mouth them. We had 7 of them and they were very interesting and lots of fun. They just take a special kind of love, with a lot of patience.

We have a couple more now. I guess I have to go out and clean up their room.


Bev said...

welcome home! I've missed you

gab said...

we miss you too...glad you made it home safe

Gramafolly said...

I like teenagers almost more than adults! Messes in rooms are nothing like messes in life. I'm sorry your birds are going through this stage, but it isn't that big a deal is it?

raehan said...

I'm sure teenager are even more interesting from a grandmother's point of view, with everything in perspective. I hope I can have the same attitude when my baby birds start flapping their feathers.