Monday, February 9, 2009

Semester Abroad Details

Dee and I met in Salzburg, Austria in 1969. I lived in the Steinlechner Hotel which served as our headquarters. Three professors and their families came with us from BYU, and rented homes close by. A graduate student and his new wife lived in the hotel as chaperones. Students had come to study music at the Mozarteum: others had classes at the University of Salzburg. Professors from Salzburg came to the hotel and held classes (auf deutsch) on language, culture, literature, architecture and religion. Twice a week we had lectures on the Reformation. They gave us a background for the politics and history that influenced Europe, and the many cathedrals and religious art we would see.

The whole 6 months, including tuition, travel expenses, room and board cost $2,000! We arrived and spent four days in Paris first. Tours to Munich ($32,) Budapest ($64,) Prague, Berlin, Vienna and Innsbruck happened on weekends plus we explored Italy for two weeks at Easter. Our end-tour was three weeks in Germany, Belgium, and Holland with five days in London before we flew home.

I had saved $1,000 over two summers for this experience, and my parents contributed the other half.

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