Sunday, February 15, 2009

Postcard: New York City

♫ I wanna be a part of it,
New York, New York. ♫

First Stop: Bloomingdales.

I got a makeover at the Chanel Counter. The salesgirls ooh-ed and ahh-ed. They assured me I looked spectacular and suggested I buy $400 worth of products so I could recreate my new look at home. Then I strolled down the aisle to the Lancome Counter, and looked at their eyeshadows. "Your eyes could really pop with that color," the Lancome lady said. "Do you ever wear makeup?"

Second Stop: Dylan's Candy Bar

Sweets keep me sweet.

Third Stop: Fishs Eddy

Vintage china, linens, glassware and silverware are spilling off the shelves of this darling store in the Flatiron District near Madison Square Park in Chelsea.

A salesperson told me I couldn't take pictures in the store . . .

. . .so appreciate these!

My favorites dishes are these plates with houseplans as the design.

Dinner Stop: Carnegie Deli

Huge, but expensive, Reuben sandwichs. What makes it worth it is the plate of half-dill pickles.
Pucker up!

Bedtime Stop: Park Central Hotel

Less than a block from our deli, right across the street from Carnegie Hall,
is our favorite NYC hotel. It's often a great bargain.
This week we paid just $153 a night, and that included parking!
What a dreamy place to sleep.


Sheri said...

That is very funny about the cosmetic counter!

I hate shopping! But sometimes I do like looking. However, it was my least favorite part of my trip to London.

Have fun in the Big Apple.

Kay Dennison said...

Have fun!!!!!

Polly said...

I would like to spend weeks in that china linen store! i loved the makeover story...the only time i've had a makeover i looked like a witch! the whole trip sounds fantastic!

mama jo said...

looks like a wonderful trip.

kenju said...

I love Fish's Eddy! My daughter has taken me there twice. I loved their New York skyline dishes.