Monday, August 18, 2008

You're Invited!

What: A Baby Shower of Advice
When: Right Now
Who: For Mom-to-Be Min
Where: In the Comments Section
Why: Because we're all full of wisdom!

Aren't you dying to give some advice??

Think about what you'll's my turn first!
  1. Remember that YOU are the expert on your own baby.
  2. You will learn together how to nurse. He's new at it, too.
  3. Don't worry when he cries.
  4. Don't worry when he sleeps.
  5. He won't starve to death if he only gets a drop or two before falling asleep again.
  6. Everything will eventually fall into place, but give yourself six weeks.
  7. Decide that you're on an adventure in a different time zone. Sleep whenever he's asleep. He'll figure it out, and you'll return to normal in a few weeks.
  8. If you feel like crying, just let yourself go. You'll feel relieved and relaxed (after your headache and puffy eyes go away.)
  9. He brought his personality with him--it's eternal. You're not going to ruin him by your inexperience or little mistakes. He came to teach you the real facts of life!
  10. In today's world the greatest blessing a little child can have is parents who love each other.
Now, all you guests can have a chance to share some insights! What have you learned or observed about new babies and new moms?

C'mon, Whit! Just tell us one thing!

Sit over here and have some lemonade. It's cooled down,
and it will be fun to relax and visit.

Heidi made the cheesecake,
with hot fudge and raspberries!

Hey, thanks for coming!

(Make sure you leave a suggestion for the mom-to-be.)

It's so fun to get together like this!


melissa walker said...

1.I would tell Marta to enjoy every little moment--they grow up so quickly! I've taken the time to enjoy my 3rd more and I wish I had done it with my first two!
2. Invest in a great crock-pot and recipes. It saves a lot of stress at dinner-time when babies are cranky to have dinner already done!
3. When the women in Relief Society are dying to hold your little one, let them. When yours are grown, you will be there too, longing to hold the newness of life again.

Anonymous said...

1. Marta already knows my first bit of advice--don't name your baby until you've held him. It's got to feel just right.
2. It's not a cliche that you need to appreciate every moment. They really do grow up in a blink, especially when they're small small.
3. Make time for yourself when you can, and make it a priority to spend time as a couple.
4. Recognize the post partum blues and forgive yourself the mommy moments. When you're sleep-deprived and your body is surging with hormones, it can be a confusing time, but you will get back to normal--in about eighteen years. ;)

Christie said...

Excellent words of advice. I would only add:

Never wake up a baby for feeding. He will wake up when he's hungry. Enjoy that downtime with a nap or a good book.

Trust your mommy instincts. Don't feel dumb when you rush to the doctor and find out it's nothing. Better to be reassured than worried.

Enjoy it, as much as you can. It goes so fast.

marta said...

mom! what a cute surprise.. i love all the advice and wise words on my behalf. thank you for showering me with goodness! xoxo.

Kay Dennison said...

My best advice is to relax -- it's not rocket science and you don't have to be perfect.

Jenibelle said...

1. Pick your battles, starting when they are really little.
2. Be Flexible
3. There isn't much you can't laugh at.
4. Look to your Mother's example, SHE raised you after all, and look how wonderful you turned out!!!

I'll take raspberries and chocolate on my cheesecake please. Oh! That's delicious!!

Jake said...

This is such a cute idea...

My advice:
Parenthood (like the pregnancy) will change YOUR life more than your husband's life. Don't expect parenting to be a 50/50 deal.

Sheri said...

1. Don't compare yourself to other mothers.

2. Don't compare your baby to other babies.

We are individuals, on individual journeys--trying to help eachother get to the finish line.

Love is the answer.

Keri said...

Yummy Cheesecake, I especially enjoyed the hot fudge to go with it. The only advise that I feel I am qualified to share is this:

Love your children for who they are, because they will always, always, love you for you.

p.s. hope there's enough left for the other guest, i had two helpings after all.

Keri said...

... I do know how to spell advice. The cheesecake went to my head.