Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's My Turn on Earth! Yours, too!

"The world turns round like a merry-go-round,
Sometimes you're low and sometimes you're high..."

Mixed with the highest of highs this week, I've had a few highly stressful lower moments as well. With all this upping and downing, I'm too dizzy to say anything worth reading. I'll get myself on an even keel in the next few days and return with the insights, and wisdom I'm expecting to discover when I stop running around in circles.

In the mean time, since it's your turn on earth, too, how 'bout leaving a message of how the highs follow the lows in your life. Does everything usually work out just as you've hoped, or have you experienced some surprises that knocked you down for a while? That was before you bounced up and turned a tough time into the time you developed tact, or patience, or wisdom or whatever came out of the overwhelming life you were wallowing in at the time. I'm anxious to hear the story of how the ups and downs, (and running in circles,) of your merry-go-round ride helped you discover treasures you now wouldn't trade.

Any merry-go-rounders want to join this circus?


Anonymous said...

You've been with me on my merry go round of a life on every up and down and so you are living the answer. when you are on the "up" part of the ride you are grateful and you serve others, just like you always do, by being supportive, loving,kind..and when your horse goes "down" you let those that you have lifted help you...and you are grateful..this is what keeps the merry go round going. I love you.

Keri said...

Living with a child who has adhd and a mood disorder, combined with sensory processing problems is always an UP and DOWN experience!
(unlike the merry go-round, there is (thankfully) no creepy music playing in the background)

The challenges in our lives are what mold us into the finer and stronger beings that has always been somewhere inside of us, and just haven't come out to visit the world yet.

Besides, I can't imagine a life void of trials or adversity.

Sheer boredom.

Not to mention - the ride would be over before I even had the chance to reach up and touch the sky.

Christie said...

I think I complain a lot, but my life has mostly been lived on the up. Few bad days here and there, but I know I have been extremely blessed.

But I think sometimes I don't deal as well with the bad as I should. My first thought is always, "Why me?" And that never gets anybody anywhere.

Hang in there. We are all praying around here for good news.

kenju said...

At the moment, that would take too much time and thought; more than I have. But I will look forward to reading other's comments.

diane said...

I've been on this merry-go-round for a few years now. Mine is the chronic health issues ride. With no cure and unreliable treatments I've come to accept the new normal. I don't like it and sometimes want to scream " stop the ride I wanna get off!"
My youngest child has a frail, sick version of a mom. My boys got the healthy, busy one. Not quite fair. I realize that she is more caring, helpful and thoughtful than her self obsessed peers. That is a blessing.
So we continue to look for the golden ring and try to ride on the prettiest ponies.

Anonymous said...

I need to visit with Diane, it sounds like she and I have a lot in common

Gloria said...

I think the merry-go-round is part of life's experiences. If it were up to me there would never be any lows. However, I realize in looking back, I have grown closer to Heavenly Father and learned more about myself during the lows. I would never trade away that learning nor that closeness.

There have been experiences in my life that I have not fully understood, I have just had to trust the Lord.

I have found that you always find what you are looking for, so I guess the trick is to always look for the good and be grateful for that good even during hard times.

Jenibelle said...

The thing about merry go rounds is that they will just keep going, going up and down till someone turns them off. I am not ready to have mine turned off. I would like however, to switch to a different animal, one I don't have to hang on to so tightly. I'll take a bench now, where I can leisurely sit and enjoy the ride. But I think it's not my turn to switch animals yet.

I got my book, my boys love it! Thank you so much.