Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Inside the Closet

Labor Day has always been about clothes for me. It was the day before the 1st day of school, and I had to plan my outfit! I remember the night before I started 4th grade, laying my new red plaid dress with the black velvet ribbon trim, my white socks, and black maryjanes on my striped bedroom carpet. As you can see, I've always been stylish.

By 7th grade I was making lists of what I'd wear every day of the first week. In high school I had index cards that I dated so I wouldn't inadvertently wear the same thing too soon. I wasn't the fashion queen or anything. I just loved mixing, matching and organizing. I can still remember events by the clothes I wore. (Day after braces came off: navy skirt, navy and white striped ruffled blouse, white fishnets, red sling back flats. Day Kennedy was shot: red and gray plaid pleated skirt, white poorboy sweater, black "suzy-long-legs," black T-strap shoes.)

September brings out the dress-up in me. I sometimes even start early, it's so fun. Although it's hotter than blazes, I can't wait to rearrange my closet and get out the sweaters and turtlenecks.

This is what I've been doing this week:

Reading through all my fashion books, learning to dress the body I have, rather than pining for the body I want.

Hanging all my skirts and pants and trying different combinations of tops and jackets, then listing them on index cards, which I file under Daytime, Dressy, Out to Lunch, etc.
(I'm sure some of you are thinking I'm definitely out to lunch!)

I have a bulletin board in my closet where I post suggestions to myself, laundering tips that came with clothing items, and sometimes magazine pictures to inspire me.

I went through all my necklaces and edited them. I also added and subtracted links to make them the right length. I hang them inside what I call my jewelry cupboard.

I use little divided craft box inserts to separate my earrings, and other stuff. My pin collection is hanging on the wall, so I won't forget what I have.

So, I have all my clothes hung by category and color, all my shoes shined and waterproofed, my scarves organized by length and my lists indexed and filed. My shelves are dusted and the hooks are hung. I can finally come out of the closet. Now I just need somewhere to go!


Jake said...

i know a place you can go...my closet and get it shipshape like yours!

Annie said...

Marty, What great ideas! I love the bulletin board in the closet idea and your wardrobe cards. I foresee much less time spent wandering aimlessly through my closet in the morning....

Amy said...

After you're done with Gab's closet, will you come work on mine?

Polly said...

You didn't mention the black and red reversible dress and coat! I was so glad when you got married and I inherited it, because the dress was sleeveless.

gramakas said...

Wow, you really are ready for the weather to cool down. All I did yesterday was sit by the pool and pretend summer wasn't going to end any time soon!

Anonymous said...

I think you have the "Right Stuff".Your jewelry especially. I keep my earrings in the boxes you bring eggs home in. When we finish a dozen eggs I have a new earring box.
My daughter in law thought I should have a better place for these, so she gave me a box of Godiva Chocolates and when the candy was gone I had a GOLD separated container for my stuff.The earrings look very nice in there.
My Homeowner's Insurance man asked me if I had any expensive jewelry to insure and I told him that if a bomb should fall on my jewelry box it MIGHT do about $27.00 damage.

Betty said...

Wow! You're way more organized than I could ever be. I'm so depressed.

MissKris said...

I scrolled thru all your photos and what stuck out to me was the one of all your fashion books with the little lady figurine standing next to them. How strange, because I have one very similar to it perched on my window ledge by my computer! Her name is Marvus. She is just sooooooo me it's scary...about as eccentric-looking as they come! Well, Marty...just like manicures, pedicures, and all the other 'girly' stuff I'm hopeless at fashion, too. I don't wear jewelry, I have a few coordinated skirt/sweater/top combinations for church...but beyond that it's barefoot, blue jeans, and comfortable cotton tops in the summer, turtlenecks in the winter. Wouldn't you have fun with me if you ever got your hands on me?!? I guess it comes from my tomboy upbringing, a mother who was never into fashion herself. My hair care growing up? Whack it off every summer as short as my brothers', then she'd let it grow all year until the next summer and whack it off again. But Dear Hubby likes me...he says I'm totally natural. Well, he's sure got THAT right, hahaha!