Sunday, September 23, 2007

Insights From Off the Grid

I've been scampering around the blogosphere searching for meaning. I wanted to tour some new landscapes, and see what's going on outside my blog roll; you know, get out of my comfort zone, learn from the culture of the undiscovered blogs. In my explorations, I found five sites you might like, too.
  1. Susan Flemming
  2. Write Now is Good
  3. Tea Party Girl
  4. Pat Doyle
  5. Rocks In My Dryer
These sites have great curb appeal, but I didn't have time for much more than a whistle stop visit today. I'll be back to hang out and get the lay of the land. I'm a little picky about my on-line liaisons. I have some random standards.

I like blogs that don't have too much advertising, that have a decent font size that I can see comfortably, that don't suddenly blast music at me, and that have a friendly attitude. I don't like lots of little dancing characters jumping around, or unexpected blinking words. It's jarring! I like shorter paragraphs so I don't lose interest by seeing large blocks of words. Long paragraphs, with no capitals and no periods, give me the frantic feeling of having no end in sight. A light colored font makes for difficult reading, and even if I like the content, it's too much effort to relax with. I don't go back.

My hobby has to feel fun. The time has to fly by unnoticed. When it feels like work, I'm reminded of the real work I need to get back to. The same is true if I can't figure out how to navigate the site, find the bio or the archive, or leave comments. If I have to join somthing to comment, I feel uninvited and a little dumb. I'll skip on down the road where it's easier to join in.

Being sent to a U-Tube link is fun, though, because then I'm prepared for the action. I love to laugh out loud at something silly while sitting at my desk, and know the rest of you are laughing as you post or read it. I feel like I'm part of the in crowd. Most important: I want the writer to say something. I love photos, images and links, but I want to be inside someone's mind and connect. I want to see some personality, some authenticity and sincerity. I want to like the writer on some level.

What attracts you to, or annoys you about different blogs? Do you have some favorite places to suggest I go? I'm packing a lunch, and I'll just be sitting here until you send me some directions. Visiting new parts of the 'sphere is kind of like going on a vacation! (Well, not quite...)

(If you're a lurker, this is your chance to invite me over!)


MissKris said...

Again, you and I are thinking alike...I recently asked readers to leave some links to their favorite blogs 'coz I just don't have the time to 'surf' on my own and I want to find something interesting to read right off! Alas, no takers, but I looked at one you've listed and plan on looking at a few more thru the day. I won't name the blog because I don't want to cause 'blogosphere' problems but there's one I used to go to all the time. Then she got in to being paid for doing product reviews on her blog, mentioning product names in her entries. She's a paid blogger on another blog and is frequently asking us at her everyday-life blog to come 'click' on her paid blog..."every click counts!" I dunno...somewhere along the line, the freshness and spontaneity of her writing has gotten lost in her pursuit of the almighty dollar. Very, very disappointing, because she used to be a WONDERFUL blogger!!!

Jake said...

This was an interesting topic...I have not really gone to any blogs...just visited those who leave comments on mine. I like blogs that have clean lines and clean language! Thanks for having both...

Anonymous said...

Hi Marty, Thanks for mentioning my blog! I like your blog name, TravelinOma. I'm not an Oma yet, but am old enough to be one. Your blog looks very interesting, and I have subscribed to it in my feed reader. -- Pat

MissKris said...

Just read your comment and I have to agree Dear Hubby DID look like James Taylor when he had hair, ha! And Daniel Day-Lewis in "Last of the Mohicans"! Nope, the long locks are long gone...he keeps it pretty closely shaved to his head now. And yes, I did ride on the back of that motorcyle many times! In fact, we were going to ride it up to Vancouver BC, had it all loaded up to camp out, and the stupid thing wouldn't start. Even tho we weren't Christians at that time, it must've been "Providence" intervening, I'm thinkin'.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marty,

Thank you so much for linking to my blog. I'm glad you liked it. I hope that you visit again when you have time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marty — Thanks so much for the kind mention of my blog. You're welcome anytime to come back and browse at your leisure. We have great hours — open 24/7/365! ;-)

I'll also be back by your blog stop when I've got some time. I'm looking forward to it.