Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Photos of Kempinski Hotel
Munich 2008

I live in a glass house. In the olden days, before I knew everyone would be able to see inside my facade, I was pretty glib. I said things like, "Look at her chin! She has whiskers!" Now the only way I can avoid seeing any stray eyebrows is to take off my glasses.

Reflection: The older I get, the less judgmental I become.

Glass lobby.
Glass shelves filled with red geraniums.

My neighbors across the way left their blinds open tonight. With the light on I could see them in their bedroom packing suitcases. I wondered if they knew I was watching, and then I realized my blinds were also open, and my hall light was on. "People who live in glass houses..."

Reflection: What do people see when I'm not aware they're watching?

Glass ceiling

Shattering the glass ceiling was never my goal. It was invisible to me, anyway. I thought I could fly as high as I wanted to go, in whatever direction I decided to take, no matter which way I buttoned my shirt. But some women saw it, and took aim. What is your experience with the glass ceiling? Has it blocked your way, and kept you from reaching goals you had set?

I always felt I had choices, but I discovered that I moved away from some opportunities as I moved towards others. It was true: "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and knowing I could not travel both..."

The path I choose has led past some grimy windows that needed a little Windex to brighten the view, and some dull mirrors that shattered my day-dreams, but I never came up against the glass ceiling. How has it affected your choices?

Reflection: I get caught up in my own reflections.

OK, You've seen enough--turn off the light!

What would someone see if you lived in a glass house? Would you shine?


Christie said...

I think if someone could look in through my windows, they'd see me streaking nekkid upstairs.

Wait. They already did.

kenju said...

I fear not. I couldn't stand up to
such scrutiny.

SydneyMin said...

Yes, I've been caught by a few of my own thrown stones (if that makes sense). The longer I live the more experience I have and can see things from others' points of view. Some people are better at self-reflection than others I've found... and some people are better at NOT pointing that out than others are :) I'll continue to try to keep all my stones in my own house and not toss them at anyone else's!

Bev said...

If folks that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, there is one other thing I would not do --- Never say "my child wouldn't do that" no matter how old your kids get!!

moon said...

If I lived in a glass house, ppl would see me pluck my whiskers lol ...they would also see one of the clients I care for who lives in my home full time..he is a blind mute, severely mentally handicapped that also has epilepsi...I hope they will realize, in seeing him, that life could be worse.

Barbara & Morris said...

Blogs are a bit of a “glass house”...aren't they?
I Pretend it doesn't matter if I don't hear from someone that I have gone to at there blog..and when I have commented and invited them into my world I get a little feeling of vulnerability if I don't hear back...don't you? I thought about it tonight it is a bit like when we were in high school and you knew who would make you feel "comfy to be around" and who wouldn’t… Your blog makes me feel safe. Thanks.

Keri(th) said...

Ahhh, Marty! 'Tis true that the more life experience we gain, the less judgmental we become. If I could transport myself back in time and hit the pause button just as my gaping mouth was opening to make yet another cynical and uneducated comment, I would run out of batteries and be stuck in the past forever! Compassion is something that is learned with each difficult life experience that we encounter.

MissKris said...

I think they'd get awfully tired of seeing me cuddling my grandkids!