Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 15th: A Time To Celebrate

June in 1942

My mom Junie was born on a snowy Sunday morning,
June 14, 1925.
(I wonder if they still have birthdays in heaven?)

Me and Dad, 1950

Father's Day
My dad, Jiggs, always loved me.
(He's hopefully partying with Mom.)

Dee and Gabi, 1971

Father's Day
This is the wonderful father of my seven kids,
at the very beginning of his career as a Dad.
(He's semi-retired from that role.)

Josh, 1980

Second kid, first son, born June 15th to bring us joy.
He's now an awesome father to three.
(And he continues to bring us joy.)

Tabor, Czech Republic, 2008

Father's Day Present:
This blog.

(Sorry, Dear. This is the closest you're getting to a new car.)


Joy Des Jardins said...

You've got many wonderful things to celebrate today Marty. I hope you're having a wonderful day. Happy Father's Day to your terrific hubby. You truly have an amazing guy there.....

gab said...

Happy Happy Days to everyone!!

mama jo said...

very cute..happy father's day

Barbara & Morris said...

You look just the same as you did in that picture with your dad.
Some children don't change much as they grow..and some so much.
You were a beauty then and you still are!
Happy Day..B.

the hogan's said...

Very cute. I love all the old pictures!

polly said...

Cute pictures of everyone!