Friday, June 13, 2008

Meet the Press

I feel like I've lost a friend. Tim Russert seemed authentic to me, and honorable. There aren't a lot of media folk who are both interesting and honest. I trusted his presentation of current events. He came into my home every Sunday, and several times a week via MSNBC and I'll miss him.

There are several TV acquaintances that seem as familiar as roommates. Some are real, and some are roles, but either way, they're welcome to spend the evening at our house.
  1. Marty Crane and sons
  2. Chris Matthews
  3. Hawkeye
  4. Bobby Goren
  5. Christopher Foyle
  6. Barbara Havers
  7. Jack McCoy
  8. Dave Letterman
  9. Norah O'Donnell
  10. Samantha Brown
  11. Robby Lewis
  12. Helen and Morty Seinfeld
Do any of these people visit you on a regular basis?


OPA said...

What about "Endeavour Morse"?

gab said...

I know...we'll really miss Tim R. this election season!

Nancy said...


This is the most appropriate tribute I have seen since the untimely and sad death of our friend, Tim Russert.

"Good night, Sweet Prince,and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"

Bev said...

it is sad indeed -- I can't imagine finishing this most important of elections without him -- my list of "invited into my home" also included Chris Matthews and David Letterman -- and Keith Olbermann (love his wit!)

Guess there was need of a good journalist on the other side of the veil

kenju said...

Samantha Brown for certain - and also the Seinfelds!

MissKris said...

Even tho I tend to have more conservative feelings about politics, I always admired Mr. Russert's integrity and journalistic professionalism. His untimely death just goes to prove once again we never know when our minutes are up on this ol' Earth!

Wendy said...

Tim Russert will be missed at my house, and for all the following election seasons! I really relied on his interviews and bringing the truth to the public. Sad that I didn't realize, until after he was gone, how much I enjoyed someone!

polly said...

I loved having Tim over to my house, will miss him tons! Always happy to invite Chris and Tom for their take on the news. When I need a laugh I invite Jerry, Kramer and Co. and if I need some real drama I call Marlana and Bo and Hope (Days of our Lives)...they show me how easy my life really is, because I have never been kidnapped, not even once!

Keri(th) said...

Hawkeye for absolute sure! I'd also take Jack McCoy any day of the week as long as Adam Schiff was present for dessert... I could make a bunt cake. And now for a moment of truth - Ben Cartwright is the man I'd most like to serve rack of lamb to. What a guy!