Sunday, April 6, 2008

Picture Perfect

Oma in NYC

I had a dream last night where every face magically zoomed closer, and seemed lopsided one way and then the other. Instantly another face would appear, wobble, straighten and sharpen. I was dreaming in iPhoto.

My cute little red camera took over 500 pictures on my recent trips (not counting the dozens of pictures that were deleted each night in the hotel room.) I've spent hours this week, editing them and filing them in new albums on my computer. It has been so fun trying them out in sepia tone, or antique color, cropping out telephone wires, and focusing in on specific details.

That's what travel does for me. It gives me a chance to balance the picture. Different places provide contrast, blurred edges and special effects. Life is enhanced and red eyes eliminated.

The red eyes are back now. I'm spending too many late hours on iPhoto trying to make my pictures perfect. (In your dreams, Oma.)


Anonymous said...
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Bridget said...

I am so lost when it comes to figuring out camera skills. Thankfully my husband is a pro so I leave it to him mostly.

SaraLynn said...

lol.....isn't fun?

diane said...

I want to learn how to do some editing. I'm doing pretty well with my new blog skills considering I couldn't email 6 months ago. It's a whole new world!