Friday, April 11, 2008


I have a set of matching little girls and today was Oma Day at their house. Big sister Chloe is six, middle sister Jess is five, and baby sister Ashley is three (almost.) They were concerned about where I got my authority.

Oma: Shall we have a granola bar?

Jess: Did you ask my mom? She says we can only have two.

Oma: We'll only have two then.

Jess: I had two already. You better call and ask my mom.

Oma: I brought polish to paint your toenails!

Jess: Is is quick-dry polish? We can only use quick-dry polish. Should we call my mom?

Oma: I poured some apple juice in your teddy bear cups.

Jess: Those are our water cups. You can't put juice in them unless my mom says. Did you ask my mom?

Chloe: Jess, I can't believe you! She doesn't have to ask. She's our mom's Mom!

Does this make me the Mother Superior?

One of my superior daughters addressed a common mistake about Mormons on her blog today. (I wish they'd show it on CNN!)


gab said...

I totally forgot about Flicka Ricka and Dicka books! How you have them?

Thanks for the linking...

Nimmy said...

"If Mother says no, ask grandmother."

We were looking at the little mother superior post and we read it two times. We burst out laughing at the end! Thanks, Oma. . .Love Chloe

I'm so excited about the sleepover tonight. I love sleepovers. I ask everyday to go to sleepovers. . .Love Jess

Bev said...

Cute book -- one I'm not familiar with

Thanks for the link to your daughter's blog -- she's absolutely right in my experience!!

Ashlee said...

How funny! My son likes to remind me that Nana is my mom, and so she gets to be the boss of me. :0)

mama jo said...

that's a darling post...what fun little girls...and i agree with ashlee's comment..grandma's are always the boss! also...gabi's post was fantastic...just like HER mom.

Nancy said...


I did go to your daughter's blog and she did a fantastic job of pointing out the differences between members of your Morman faith and the people who were arrested or taken into custody the other day. They couldn't be more different!

I suggested to my Daughter in law and Granddaughter that they visit Gab's site and read what she said.

You must be very proud of her.

kenju said...

My grandchildren all went through that stage of saying "My mommy doesn't do it that way!"

Your daughter did a great job on her post.

Bridget said...

So cute. Those are stories that make me wish my mom was still around to do those grandmotherly things with my kids. I am sure your grandkids will cherish those memories as they get older.

TravelinOma said...

I found Flicka Ricka and Dicka books on Amazon. They are cute Swedish little girl adventures with darling pictures.

I never know if a response to a comment should be left in a comment, or sent in an email to the person. How do you do it? Does anyone come back and read follow up comments??

I love comments from my old bloggy friends, but I don't respond here knowing I often comment on their posts. I love comments from new readers, but I'm never sure how I ought to respond, especially if they leave no URL or email.

But anyway!! Thank you one and all for reading, and responding!
Who is going to write the blog etiquette book?

SaraLynn said...

hehehehe....sounds like a conversation between my daughter and my mother...too funny!