Monday, April 21, 2008

Be Prepared

Today's Sunday School lesson was based on the scripture:

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."

The discussion was about spiritual preparation (having a relationship with God to be ready for the tough times;) physical preparation (exercise, eating habits;) as well as temporal preparation (good job training, having a savings account and food storage, just in case.)

The teacher asked, "When has being prepared been a blessing to you?" One man said, "I was laid off, and I was glad I'd followed advice to have a year's worth of food, and no debt." Another man spoke up and said, "I followed that advice in reverse. I have a year's worth of debt and no food."

The discussion turned to being prepared for natural disasters (flood, fire, earthquakes, etc.) and the wisdom of having a 72-hour kit ready to grab at a moment's notice. There were suggestions of what to put in: freeze-dried food, first aid supplies, $50 in cash, soap and toothpaste, bottled water...

"I have all this stuff in a metal box, all ready to go, but I can't lift it," a woman said. The comments were coming fast: "Put it in a wheeled suitcase..." "Have copies of your important documents..." "Back up your photos..." "Pack a day's worth of necessary medication..."
A cute little 94-year-old lady piped up with, "This all sounds too hard. I think I'd rather just die in the disaster."

On the blackboard:
Wise Question: What's your excuse for not having a savings account?
Unwise Answer: "I'm spending money I don't have, on things I don't need, to impress people I don't like."

The teacher ended with, "Store what you'll actually eat. I've got a big supply of chocolate. If there's any left after a day or two, I'll use it to barter."

If you come to our Sunday School class, be prepared to smile!


Christie said...

I want to come to your SS class. Ours is never that exciting.

Ashlee said...

It took me a second to remember whose blog I was reading because of the picture at the top. :0)

Sounds like a fabulous lesson. I'm in Primary, so my lessons are pretty basic. I need to get my fanny in gear better with food storage. Thanks for the reminder!

Bonnie B. said...

I love your SS class. I want to come. I want to sit by the 94 year old lady. It sounds like your class is full of comedians. How fun! It's easier to remember important lessons like this when when you actually enjoy the class.

mama jo said...

sounds like a great class..i have a problem going to s.s., can't sit still for 3, i usually skip it (bad girl)...i keep getting prepared and then my family changes, so you have to do it again...i like the chocolate idea