Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pack It In

Viennese women are chic.
I wanted to be chic, too,
but I needed to pack it all in one carry-on suitcase.

Packing List
Three pair pants (two of them black)
-or two pants, one skirt-
Four silky T-shirts (black, red, white, green.)
Two slinky-type tank tops (black, white)
Lightweight black Cardigan
Appropriate weight coat or jacket
Denim jacket
Silver jewelry
Long (fake) pearl necklace and earrings
Cream colored long silk opera scarf
Three scarves for jacket (black, green, red)
Two pairs black shoes
Four sets underwear

This is all I ever take, even on three-week trips,
and what I wear on the plane comes from this list.

Everything except the jackets can be hand-washed.
I take lightweight fabrics that will dry overnight.

In hot weather I take a gauzy black skirt and blouse, wear sandals,
and leave one pair of shoes and a jacket home.

I pack kits so I can unpack and pack quickly.
Nightstand kit: little flashlight, tissues, lotion, chapstick...
Secretary kit: Check register, calculator, pen, envelope for receipts...
Recharge kit: camera and phone chargers, extra batteries, memory card...
Toiletries, Make-up, the usual...

I use a cool packing cube for my clothes.
It has hard plastic pieces for the top and bottom to keep things neat.
I take a fabric laundry sack, and an extra Le Sac bag that folds into it's own pouch.
If I need to, I can stuff the Le Sac with my laundry bag, check it for the flight home,
and have room for souvenirs.

It never looks like it will all fit.

I like two jackets because I'm always wearing one, and I get less bored with my photos.

I stuff in two different umbrellas to vary my look.
One of them is usually clipped onto my purse, so I think of them as
colorful accessories, even when it isn't raining.

Push it all down, and voila!

Viennese Chic!

P.S. We make a stop at the post office before we leave a city, and mail any purchases home, so we don't get overloaded. (They have boxes and tape there.)

Bon Voyage!


i'm kelly said...

you always have the GREATEST traveling tips. i try to channel you whenever i pack.

Sheri said...

You are Soooo organized at home, on your blog, when you travel! You need to teach a class on organization. Honestly. I'll sign up.

kenju said...

I will remember these tips when I travel next. I always take too much!

mama jo said...

you always do look so chic! i wish i could pack like're my hero

The World According to Me said...

I'm a 'just in case' kind of girl! So I always pack far too much.

I like your style!

Christie said...

I always pack WAY too much and end up being annoyed with myself. After the Heidi NYC fiasco, I don't think I'll ever dare check a suitcase again. Excellent tips. Adorable accessories, as always.

Sandra Ferguson said...

Wow, I love the packing advice.

I'm writing it all down for future use. Great tips.

Joy Des Jardins said...

You pack very much like I do....compact...minus the umbrellas. Great job Marty. I never check in any luggage. One bag on the plane...that's it...just like you. It pays to be organized. BTW....You look MARVELOUS!!

They call me Annie said...
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They call me Annie said...

I'm spanking new to the blogosphere-both as a blogger and reader--and just today discovered your site. I love it. I love you. (I'm 30-years happily, monogamously and heterosexually married, but,) will you marry me? OK, well then, this Q might be easier for you: Do you use Analytics? I'm eager to know more about your readership. I'd tell you why I ask but this post is already embarrassingly too long. I plan to learn buckets from you.

Nancy said...

Hello Marty,

I loved your packing technique and will use several of your ideas on my next trip.

Please tell me about the cool packing cube. I have no idea what you are talking about and would love to know.

Don't laugh (and my Mother would be shocked at this) when I travel overseas I always wear my WORST underwear- things that would be making the trash shortly anyway- and when I reach my destination after a LONG flight I go to the ladies and take off all that underwear and THROW IT AWAY. Then I take a sponge bath as best I can and put on my nice clean stuff and I am ready for sightseeing. And that is MY tip for the day....

Nancy said...

Oh! I forgot to tell you. You have to drive very carefully on the way to the airport because you are wearing your WORST underwear.....

TravelinOma said...

I like Nancy's idea. Dee always packs "disposables"--shirts and pants that have seen better days--and leaves them along the way.

The packing cubes I have are made by Eagle Creek. I bought them at a luggage store, but they are available online and in the Magellan's catalog. They come in several sizes and styles. I have different colors so I know what's inside.

diane said...

Impressive! I bring 1 bag that's only shoes. I always bring too much stuff. I like to have options.

Kenny and Linsey said...

I am a one bag traveler too - or at least I was until I had kids (now I travel with even less to make room for all their junk). I would love this same blog but for traveling with it still possible to travel light?

care020 said...

Excellent packing tips! I too am a one bag fan. I like to take along a few dressy pieces which are low maintenance (meaning something I can hang in the bathroom and any wrinkles will fall out while I shower:)J. Jill' Wearever collection is good for that, but it's pricey so I just have a few, interchangeable pieces that I've used for years.

marta said...

thank you.. i always need a little lesson on packing light. what? you don't bring nine pairs of socks in springtime??