Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just Thinking

Kindergarten Class of 1978

"Education doesn't simply mean that we attend school. Education means that we learn how to think...If a man cannot think, he is not an educated man regardless of how many college degrees he may have after his name. Thinking is the hardest work a man can do, which is probably the reason we have such few thinkers." Thomas S. Monson

Right now I'm thinking about:
  1. The speech I'm giving at BYU Women's Conference.
  2. Income Taxes.
  3. Where to find a good collection of scary stories for our family camp-out.
  4. Whether I should switch to Verizon or just get a new cell phone.
  5. How I can change the entire US health care system.
  6. If my feet feel too hot to slather them in Vaseline and wear socks to bed.
  7. What I will wear to church.
  8. How much money I saved this year by having a Barnes and Noble membership.
  9. Writing down the stories I told at my Oma sleepover last night.
  10. What a pain it is to have to buy new underwear.
Does this kind of thinking qualify me as an educated person?

What are you thinking about right now?


Bridget said...

I love your #8. I tell myself that all the time too. I also hate spending money on underwear. That's good money that can be spent at Barnes and Noble after all.

kenju said...

All but #'s 6 & 10 would qualify. LOL

Ashlee said...

Ouch! It's too early for me to start using my thinker just yet. :0)
My problem is that I usually OVER think EVERYTHING. Sigh. That doesn't make you smart, it makes you crazy. :0)

SaraLynn said...

I am thinking about what to make for dinner, laundry that needs to be done before the week starts, who to trust to cut my hair (still haven't done that!), and what I want to be when I "grow up"....
Have a great Sunday!

care020 said...

Lesson plans to be written, papers to be graded, garden soil that needs to be turned over and prepared for planting, dishes to be done, a recipe I plan to try, laundry that must be done,and the nap I am longing to take.

This may be one of those situations where "the last shall be first".

Barbara & Morris said...

WELL... think, think, think. "what will we eat for dinner.. when will I get to see my oldest son next...What can I do in the classroom next week that will impact the children the most...Wow the weekend is almost over..gee I love reading what your blog:)
That about does it...maybe I will go take a nap now after all that thinking!!
Fondly, B.

gab said...

I'm thinking about your new underwear and what you should wear to Women's Conf.

diane said...

I'm thinking about how much fun blogapalooza will be. Looking forward to meeting you!

Becky said...

I'm thinking about my blog post ( that mentions you as one of the primary reasons I decided to change my BYU major to writing. Thanks for being you.