Tuesday, February 26, 2008


When little girls don't have big brothers they are wimps.
Anyway, I was.

One second-grade day I was walking home from school, splashing through the slush. We'd had a late April snowstorm that morning and it was already melting. I imagined that the snow on the sidewalk was ice cream, and with a slosh of my boot it became a root beer float.

Suddenly the big boys appeared.

Snowballs were flying in my direction and I started bawling. What 4th grade boy doesn't enjoy chasing a cry-baby? They threatened to wash my face. I was terrified!

I ran down the street, slipping in the mud, sliding on the wet grass in panic. Finally I pushed through my front door while snowballs bombarded the porch.

I immediately heard shattering glass, and then a scream from my mom's bedroom. A misguided snowball had hit her window and shiny splinters covered the surface of the baby's bassinet. Although the dresser had hundreds of minuscule shards of glass embedded in the oak, my two-week old sister slept through it all without a whimper.

I'd never seen my mother so mad! She flew outside and let those big boys have it. No wimpiness in her! She called their parents and they had to mow our lawn all summer to pay for the window.

I wasn't bothered by them again. Which was a shame. In high school they weren't nearly as scary. I wouldn't have minded them chasing me then!


kelly said...

oh! i'd love to grandma in that rage!

Jerry Waxler said...

This is a beautiful story and my first visit to your lovely blog. What a feast. I put it on my blogroll so I can come back often.

Jerry Waxler
Memory Writers Network

MissKris said...

I grew up with 3 brothers and around 10 boys in the neighborhood. I was tough as nails. I probably would've been one of those in with the 'big boys' just because I was one of the world's biggest tomboys, ha!

K.M. Saint James said...

A mom is seldom whimpy when defending her young.

You're right -- about the time boys stop being annoying, they seldom pay attention to girls.

Ashlee said...

I had a big brother, but he picked on me too. :0)
Loved your story. I would have been an angry mommy too! How dare they!

Jake said...

I think you got over your wimpiness...too bad for me. You could do some momma rage in your time, if I recall correctly.

Christie said...

I can hardly imagine your mother in a rage, but broken glass over a sleeping baby would probably do it.

Jenibelle said...

Have you ever thought about writing a screenplay ala' Christmas Story? It would be awesome!!!!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Your mom was GREAT! One tough cookie if need be. I would have loved to see her in action Marty.

It's all in the timing isn't it? Those young braty boys one year....not so bad later on....life is interesting.